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12-year-old heart defect patient overcomes health barriers

12- year-old Brianna Sulikowski of Southampton doesn’t let her heart defect hold her back. See what she has been able to accomplish despite being born with a heart defect.

Category: Pediatrics

Brianna Sulikowski of Southampton looks like any other 12-year-old girl. However, if you talk to her mother you realize she has come a long way.

Before she was born Brianna was diagnoses with Tricuspid atresia, a type of heart disease where the heart valve is missing or abnormally developed.

After a series of surgeries doctors were able to reroute Brianna’s heart. The surgeries allow her to live a normal life but, it’s a condition that she will deal with for the rest of her life.

Thanks to help from the doctors at the Baystate Children’s Hospital Specialty Center, Brianna not only has the life of a normal 12 year old she’s doing things many would not think possible for a child with her condition.

From softball, BMX racing to basketball Brianna doesn’t let her condition slow her down.