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Frontline Worker Turns Personal COVID Stress to Success

Terrel Bennett tells his behind-the-scenes story of how motivational conversations and safety measures calmed his family’s and his COVID fears.

Terrel Bennet Shares His Story

My name is Terrel Bennett. I’m a patient service representative at Baystate High Street Health Center Adult Medicine in Springfield. Since the pandemic began, I’ve been setting up appointments for patients who require visits for urgent care or vital, pre-operation procedures.

My story about working on the front lines of COVID-19 starts off stressfully, with my family and friends distancing themselves from me in hopes of avoiding the virus.

My family set up an intricate process I go through every day when I come home from work. First, I take one of the napkins my family placed in the mailbox and use that to open the front door. That is followed by Lysol™ spray for my clothes, hand sanitizer for my hands and a straight route to my room to prepare for a shower. I can’t blame them; when the pandemic began they wanted to take all precautions to keep us all safe.

At my workplace there are new rules and protocols in place to limit exposure to COVID-19. Making sure I followed all of the rules at home plus these protocols at work created some additional stress in my day-to-day life but wearing a mask soon became normal and staying six feet apart was soon something I lived by. This, combined with the team work and motivational conversations from the loving staff here at Baystate High Street Health Center, whom I consider part of my own family, provided me with the assurance to show my family that not only am I doing my part to stay clear of the virus, so is my workplace.

Now, my anxiety has diminished thanks to my hardworking co-workers who have been working 24/7 to save lives. They provide the compassionate healthcare we needed during this pandemic. My family now thanks me and the other workers at Baystate Health and they see what I do in a different light. In my family, I went from being seen as a vessel for getting the virus to a superhero who is helping to protect people from the virus.

Keeping Us All Safe

We're doing everything we can to provide safe care across Baystate Health. Whether you need to visit the ED for an emergency or you're coming in for a visit, we assure you that we are taking detailed measures to keep you safe.

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