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We Are Fighting Back with Goodness

Interpreter Christopher Puffer puts Spanish speakers at ease with compassionate care during COVID-19 testing.

Christopher Puffer Shares His Story

My name is Christopher Puffer and I’m a COVID-19 test site medical interpreter. I work at the Baystate High Street Health Center in Springfield. My job is to help patients with language barriers better understand the process of the testing and let them know they will be okay.

It can get very sad at times especially when you hear about the heartbreaking situations of some of our patients and what they are going through with their families, children and loved ones. These are scary times and for many people out there with mental illness, stress and anxiety issues can get even worse.

For me, the scariest thing has been the idea that I could bring COVID-19 to my house and my husband. It has been a challenge being super careful, making sure I am all clean after work and before going into my house and to assure my husband and family that I am 100% safe.

The most rewarding thing is helping those who don't speak the language, knowing that our patients will get the treatment they deserve and they will understand it. I am an immigrant from El Salvador, and I know the frustration and issues that can happen when you don't speak English. It feels rewarding knowing I’m giving back to the community.

My family and friends tell me they don’t have the guts to do what I do for work. For me, just the idea of being helpful to our patients is more than enough. We are fighting back with goodness and we will win.

Keeping Us All Safe

We're doing everything we can to provide safe care across Baystate Health. Whether you need to visit the ED for an emergency or you're coming in for a visit, we assure you that we are taking detailed measures to keep you safe.

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