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Victoria’s journey, from diagnosis to recovery

Meet Victoria Lucadello, who talks candidly about her personal experience with breast cancer.

Category: Cancer

In this enlightening series of videos, Victoria Lucadello of Northampton shares what it’s like to be diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. She shares why she chose Baystate Regional Cancer Program in Springfield as her partner in care.

As she progressed through chemo, surgery and radiation, she was impressed by Baystate’s coordinated approach to cancer care. “I had a very large group of people who I worked with on a regular basis as part of my care team. As I went from one phase to the next, one doctor to the next, I was always really delighted that people seemed very aware of what had happened up to that point, regardless of where that care took place, and that was reassuring.”

Victoria’s walks you through every milestone and phase of her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and offers tips for cancer patients going through chemo.

Be inspired and informed by Victoria’s journey—from diagnosis to recovery.