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Successful lung surgery eliminates cancer threat

Patricia Purdy of Westfield went to see her doctor for a pain in her side. It turned out to be lung cancer which was successfully treated by surgery to remove the nodule and a section of her lung.

Category: Cancer

When Patricia Purdy of Westfield developed pain on the right side of her body, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to get it checked out by her primary care physician, Dr. Gary Jacobsen of Baystate Noble Primary Care in Feeding Hills. Dr. Jacobsen ordered an immediate X-ray.

News No Patient Wants to Hear

“On that X-ray they caught something that they knew needed to be photographed again, so they sent me back for another CT scan of the chest. That’s when they saw the nodule in the lower left lung,” Purdy said.

It is news that no patient ever wants to hear, especially Purdy. She already survived stage four colon cancer. Dr. Jacobsen recommended that she be treated by Dr. Rose Ganim, a thoracic surgeon at Baystate Medical Center.

Decision to Operate

Dr. Ganim examined the scans and determined that the safest course of action would be to completely remove the nodule.

“They removed the nodule and that section of the lung,” said Purdy. “She went in and used a laparoscopic procedure to make the three incisions.”

Purdy says that the procedure was successful – the nodule was completely removed, and she does not need any further treatments.

“As far as the recovery and the operation and everything, it went very well,” she said. “I received wonderful care. Baystate is great. The nurses were wonderful; they got me up and walking around.”

An Extra Special Touch

Purdy’s recovery from the procedure went well, and she is thankful that Dr. Ganim was able to completely remove the nodule in one procedure. She says Dr. Ganim’s team made a scary experience much less stressful, from the pre-operation process to the healing phase.

“The nurses, the doctors, the whole Baystate Health system is very very good. I know there are also an awful lot of people I didn't see who run the basics. Staff from food services came up to me and talked about my diet and what I’d like to eat. You never see housekeeping services, but they keep it sparking clean. The whole process – when you check-in, the people are always open and friendly. They very professional, get done what they need to get done, and I appreciate that.”

Most importantly, Purdy appreciates a clean bill of health and a return to her normal routine at her family’s home in Westfield.