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Wound care center helps Edward Yousfi get back to work at his local small business. 

Category: Wound Care

“I am a Baystate man now,” proclaims Edward Yousfi.

In September, Edward sustained a foot injury and was unhappy with the treatment he was receiving, which left him with a major infection and other complications, including what he described as “a hole in my foot.” He couldn’t walk or shower, making his life miserable.

“I am an active man and wasn’t ready to just sit around. I was becoming depressed,” Edward shared about his unfortunate situation. So, Edward made the switch and found himself at the doorway of Baystate Medical Center and its Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine program.

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“I refer to the team there as the 'United Nations of Love',” he said. 

Edward was happy to see a diverse workforce and shares how kind, hardworking, and knowledgeable they are. “They took the best care of my wound. They were kind and full of love,” he said.

Both Edward and his wife, Karen, commend the wound care team for advocating for what he needed to heal. Through his insurance they ordered all the supplies he needed to continue his care at home, supplies that were delivered directly to his house. Staff supported Karen in how to help Edward care for his wound at home, making the healing process as easy as possible.

The couple run a local business together, Gluten Thief- selling gluten free baked goods. His wound initially left him unable to help support his wife. 

“She is the baker, I am the shaker. I clean, do dishes, make deliveries. I couldn’t do any of that before I went to Baystate. Once there, everything changed.  I can walk again, shower, and help my wife in the kitchen. I can’t thank them enough for making a difference in my life.”