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Suffield Family Thriving Following IVF Treatments

LMartorello49 year old Laura Martorello of Suffield, Connecticut, is quite busy these days.

“I work 3 jobs so I can provide a nice home and do more than my parents did for me. But at the end of the day, my girls are my life,” Laura said.


The journey to this point of her life was challenging, too, but made possible by the Reproductive Services professionals at Baystate Medical Center.  Laura is not married, but has always wanted to be a mother. After three unsuccessful artificial insemination procedures, Laura turned to in-vitro fertilization and used a donor’s sperm.

 “The entire experience was great. From the minute I first met Dr. Wickyz seven years ago – she greeted me in the waiting room. I thought she was a nurse,” Laura said.

Laura successfully became pregnant at the first attempt of IVF, and nine months later Antonia entered the world. She is name after her grandmother, and is a thriving six year old girl. She’s also a big sister.

Laura saved three of the embryos in Baystate’s facility from her first IVF process, and used one of them in her second successful IVD procedure.  Daniela was born October 16th, 2015, and is a happy and healthy baby girl. Laura says that the pregnancy process wasn’t easy, but she would do it all over again.

“I could not have done it without prayer. I started the rosary one year before I attempted both IVF to make sure that I had God’s Blessing,” she said. “So many people who are unsuccessful and I tell them to pray but for some reason, they don’t seem to think it is important enough.”


The team at Baystate that helped Laura start her family is now a big part of her family.

“Kathy Wycoff, the nurse, was crucial and Amy Novak, the ultrasound tech were awesome. Both were like family and genuinely cared. Antonia calls Amy “Dr. Amy,’” Laura said. “When I would bring Antonia with me on my appointments for Daniella, they talked with her and showed her the screen to see the ultrasound.”

Laura is proud that, while she waits to find “Mr. Right,” she is Ms. Mom, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

"This is what life is – you live your life to account for something and this is what I can account for," she said.