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Robert Bowse Back in Action Thanks to Shoulder Surgery, Times Two

Robert Bowse is a good athlete. He played hockey at Yale and competes in triathlons. But the day he showed his son how hard he could throw a ball, he tore his right rotator cuff and labrum. "It was significant," remembers Bowse.Robert Bouse playing catch with his son

Bowse had orthopedic surgery at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, and appreciated the care of his surgeon, Dr. James Bullock, and the rehabilitation team that got him back to form.

Then, six months later, all healed, he had a bike crash during a race and separated his left shoulder. Once again he needed surgery.

Both times, Bowse worried that Bullock would tell him that it was time to stop doing what he loved to do. But Dr. Bullock never did.

“He’s compassionate, and he’s confident,” Bowse says. "He is very professional. He always took the time to review the images with me in detail, to let me know what was going on. He explained things very clearly."

Robert Bouse riding bikeToday, Bowse is back on his bike, back swimming, and back doing all the things he loves to do. "Nothing's holding me back," he says. "I'm very happy with how it's turned out."