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John Bos: Care Worthy of a Song

John Bos at BFMCWhen the chest pain began, John Bos, aged 78, of Shelburne Falls, thought the cause was the gym workout he’d done the previous day. But then the pain didn’t go away.

His wife, Mary, a former pediatric nurse, suggested he go see his doctor. Fortunately, he was able to make an appointment right away. After an EKG, the doctor called 911.

When John arrived at Baystate’s Davis Family Heart & Vascular Center in Springfield, he was taken right into surgery. Dr. Evan Lau placed a stent in his ventricular artery, solving the problem that had put his health in such immediate and critical danger.

Baystate’s Regional Heart Attack Program is nationally recognized for outcomes in heart attack care, including providing lifesaving angioplasty up to 25 minutes sooner than the national standard. In fact, Baystate is in the top 10% of hospitals nationwide in this critical statistic.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

“This all ended up being a fantastic experience in the best sense of the word,” John says. “I had a great doctor, wonderful ICU care, and then a rewarding month of cardiac rehab at Baystate Franklin Medical Center.” John receives follow-up care from Baystate cardiologist Dr. Timothy Egan in Greenfield.

John feels particularly warm towards Cheryl May and Patricia Bliznak, part of the cardiac rehab team at Baystate Franklin in Greenfield. “They’re so totally supportive and positive,” he says.

He was so happy with the care he received from May and Blizak, he wrote a song for them. Here are a few lines from his tribute, Heart of My Heart:

“Heart of my heart,

So clogged it got a stent;

Cardio rehab next.

I know tears would glisten

If once more I could listen

To those gals who listened to my heart.”

John is back working out at the gym again, often as much as four times a week. He says he feels good knowing from his recent experiences that so many caring and experienced medical professionals are right nearby at Baystate Franklin.

“And it’s such an added benefit that Baystate Franklin is part of Baystate Health, with its Heart & Vascular Center,” John says. “This provides me with a great feeling of confidence.”