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Irene Ramsdale: My cancer team was my lifeline, my family

Irene R. and Dr. Hochheiser Irene Ramsdale of Charlemont says her cancer team at Baystate Medical Center was her lifeline: "From the secretaries to the nurses and doctors, everyone was much more than a hospital employee. They were like family. Dr. Hochheiser was more than family. He was brilliant, funny, caring, and a treasure trove of information. It was as if we were his only patients ... his only job … his highest priority. He did not pull any punches about what I was going to be facing, yet he said it in a way that made me feel I was the most special person in his life".

“Today, I'm cancer free. I'm lucky the disease was discovered early. The surgery was a scary process, but because of Baystate Health's medical team, and Dr. Hochheiser's encouragement, I made it through. I can't deny there were times when I, and members of my family, felt the fear of the unknown. But each time any one of us spoke to someone at Baystate, much of the fear would subside".

“We all recommend Baystate to our friends and family. Especially Dr. Hochheiser. And we've thanked him for deciding to go to medical school, for getting good grades, and choosing to be a doctor in Massachusetts. And for becoming a part of Baystate.”