Blood Sample Collection in Subjects With Pulmonary Nodules or CT Suspicion of Lung Cancer or Pathologically Diagnosed Lung Cancer

The primary objective of this study is to obtain de-identified, clinically characterized, whole blood specimens for use in assessing new biomarkers for the detection of neoplasms of the lung. Subjects will be men and women, 35 years of age and older, with a CT confirmed nodule measuring 6-30 mm. Subjects with pulmonary nodules, a suspicion of lung cancer or pathologically confirmed, untreated lung cancer will be enrolled. Blood samples will be collected at enrollment and may be collected at 12 months for subjects with pulmonary nodules. Radiological and pathological data will be collected to confirm a cancer diagnosis or up to 2 years to assess nodule resolution.


This research study is led by Dr. Victor Pinto-Plata.

Contact: Sherell Thornton-Thompson, 413-794-9056

Participation details:

April 11, 2016
Cancer - Lung, Pulmonary/ Critical Care
Baystate Medical Center, 759 Chestnut St, Springfield, MA

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Subject is male or female, 35 years of age or older.
  • Subject has at least one CT confirmed 6-30 mm nodule.
  • Subject understands the study procedures and is able to provide informed consent to participate in the study and authorization for release of relevant protected health information to the study Investigator.

Suspicion of Cancer Subjects:

  • Subject has CT suspicion of lung cancer and is scheduled for biopsy or other diagnostic procedure.

Pathologically Confirmed Cancer Subjects:

  • Subject has pathologically confirmed lung cancer and is treatment naïve.

Pulmonary Nodule Subjects:

  • Subject has a recent (within 90 days of enrollment) CT radiological diagnosis of pulmonary nodule(s) without a scheduled biopsy/diagnostic procedure (other than CT or PET/CT).

Exclusion Criteria:

  • CT with IV contrast within 1 day [or 24 hours] of blood collection.
  • Prior history of cancer within the past 5 years except for non-melanoma skin cancer. For subjects with suspicion of lung cancer who may have a concurrent work-up for another primary cancer, the non-lung cancer primary must be ruled out prior to enrollment.
  • Prior removal of the lung, excluding percutaneous lung biopsy.
  • Treatment (e.g., surgical resection, radiofrequency ablation) for pulmonary nodules prior to blood sample collection for this trial.

Pathologically Confirmed Cancer Subjects:

  • Biopsy within 7 days prior to blood collection.
  • Unresolved bleeding as a result of biopsy at the time of enrollment.