NCI/CIRB EAY131 Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (MATCH)

Cancer, Cancer - Brain, Cancer - Breast, Cancer - Colon, Cancer - Esophogus, Cancer-Gynecologic, Cancer - Kidney, Cancer - Leukemia, Cancer - Lung, Cancer - Lymphoma, Cancer - Melanoma, Cancer - Multiple Myeloma, Cancer - Pancreatic, Cancer - Prostate
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This study seeks to determine whether matching certain drugs or drug combinations in adults whose tumors have specific gene abnormalities will effectively treat their cancer, regardless of their cancer type. Such discoveries could be eligible to move on to larger, more definitive trials.
Any solid tumor, lymphoma, or myeloma that has returned or gotten worse after standard systemic therapy OR a type of cancer for which no standard treatment exists that has been shown to prolong overall survival
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