Impact of Breast conservation Surgery on Surgical Outcomes and Cosmesis in Patients with Multiple Ipsilateral Breast Cancers (MIBC)

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Holly Mason, M.D.

D’Amour Center for Cancer Care 

3350 Main St., Springfield 

The goals of this study are to assess:

(1) The local recurrence rate with breast conservation in patients with multiple ipsilateral primary breast cancer;  (2) The conversion rate to mastectomy; (3) The patients without negative margins; (4) The patient’s perception of cosmesis; (5) The incidence of breast lymphedema; (6) The adverse effects of breast conserving surgery; and (7) The adverse effects of whole breast irradiation.

Females’ ≥ 40 years of age with Foci of Breast Cancer, DCIS or invasive carcinoma identifying Multiple Ipsilateral Breast Cancers (MIBC). 

Rae Lynn Defeo, MBA, CCRP