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Looking for Peace of Mind? Taking Care of Your Will Can Help

January 04, 2021
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As Baystate Health connects with friends of Baystate Health Foundation, we hear the relief in many voices at finally making time to review their estate plans.

“When I completed my estate planning, I enjoyed great peace of mind. It is satisfying to know that my wishes and loved ones are taken care of.”

“I realized I had not updated my will in twenty years. So much has changed since then. Spending the time to update it gave me comfort. I could support my family and the charities I care about, like Baystate Health Foundation.”

“No one wants to think about their own death. I’ve put off making a will for years but with the coronavirus I realized the time is now. I’ve worked hard my whole life and want to make sure my assets do good for my family and the charities I love instead of going to taxes.”

If you are like 60% of Americans who have put off their estate planning, please contact us for a free Will Guide or Guide to Updating Your Will to get started today. We are here to help you enjoy peace of mind and also ensure your wishes are heard. Reach out to Kylie Johnson at 413-794-7789 or