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A Family’s Commitment to Giving Back

May 17, 2020
Antonacci 350

For the Antonacci family, making a difference locally is engrained in their values and, as Frank M. Antonacci shared, “we feel blessed to be able to give back to organizations like Baystate Health through Baystate Health Foundation.”

The generosity of the Antonacci Foundation spans more than five years and continues to make a difference for many who receive treatment at Baystate Health, especially pediatric patients and their families.

Most recently, the Antonacci family established an endowed fund in support of Baystate Children’s Hospital patient care – helping to ensure that needed resources are available for decades to come. Their family first provided generous gifts in support of the newly expanded Pediatric Procedure Unit with support to the Sadowsky Center for Children’s Pediatric Oncology area by funding the reception area and a treatment room. Along with their endowment gift, they funded the renovation of the In-patient Pediatric Treatment Room at Baystate Children’s Hospital, a specific care area where patients receive treatment when they’re in the hospital.

According to Frank, Baystate Health Foundation’s mission hits home with their family.


“We’re a big family, we have kids running around all over the place,” shared Frank with a smile. “If we can change the life of one child, it is worth doing.”

A better place

The family consults with one another in making the decisions on what organizations to support, as well as including many of their employees and customers. They want their philanthropic giving to stay local and their gifts to benefit the organizations that serve local communities.

“We believe, philosophically, that if we all make our own backyards a better place, then the world will become a better place,” said Frank. “We like to find the nonprofits that are making an impact and then support them. Baystate Health fits hand in glove with what we want to accomplish.”

The real heroes

Their generosity expands beyond Baystate Children’s Hospital. The “backyards” that the Antonacci Family Foundation works to improve spans the communities served by Baystate Health. They have supported many of the Foundation’s events, including Wheeling for Healing for Cancer Care and Services at Baystate Franklin Medical Center; Rays of Hope Walk & Run Toward the Cure of Breast Cancer; and the Baystate Noble Ball.

“We hope that some of the things we’ve done to support Baystate Health’s hospitals makes it just a little bit easier for patients and families,” said Frank.

Frank notes the important role the family’s faith plays in their desire and commitment to give back.

He is also quick to recognize those he sees as the real difference-makers. “I feel that we’ve been blessed to be able to help,” Frank said. “Realistically, the people who dedicate their lives to caring for patients – the people who spend their lives making a difference for others – they are real heroes.”

While Frank may not view himself and the family as heroes, the patients and families whose lives have been improved may think otherwise.

Learn more about joining the Antonacci family in supporting Baystate Health through Baystate Health Foundation.