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How to use mindfulness during your weight-loss journey

June 02, 2020

Clinical psychologist Brenda Temblador spoke with MassLive about her work preparing Baystate Medical Center patients for weight-loss surgery.

Some of the counseling she does can be used by anyone who wants to better manage their weight.

Practicing mindfulness

“Mindset is probably the most important part of losing weight and trying to be healthy and live healthy,” Temblador said.

She says there are a few things to consider when beginning a new eating plan and weight loss journey:

  • Why you want to lose weight?
  • What are your goals?
  • What will the challenges be?
  • What other reasons might you have for eating, other than hunger?

She said it is good to be aware and to apply mindfulness to increase chances of success.

“Am I eating just to feel better? Am I having a craving that has nothing to do with being hungry and time for a meal?” Temblador said. “It is important to pay attention and guard

against that because the more I do that the more I engage in emotional eating and the easier it will be to engage in emotional eating.”

Having family support

Temblador said family support is also a very important factor when trying to lose or manage weight.

“Families sometimes have a hard time maintaining good healthy habits too, but if they are aware and they are part of the plan, there is a better chance they will stick with supporting the person,” she said.

In a social setting, some people have found success by trying a little bit of each dish. Others bring a healthy food to share and only eat that food.

Quick tips

Temblador said anyone can work to manage their weight better, including:

  • Starting with small goals.
  • Don’t go to extreme with an eating plan. Make it realistic to stick to.

“It is about what is sustainable, what you can maintain over the rest of your life," she said.

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