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Patient Says “Thanks” for Care Provided Hundreds of Miles from Home

November 28, 2018

Compassionate care is provided to all patients at Baystate Medical Center – no matter where they’re from. Visiting from Chicago, Kathleen Martin and her husband, Edwin, learned this first hand this summer while vacationing at a family cottage in East Otis, Mass.

During their trip, Kathleen began to feel unwell. After expressing this to Edwin, the couple traveled to a small hospital in the Berkshires, where the medical staff were concerned that Kathleen had experienced a heart attack. She was promptly brought to Baystate Medical Center by ambulance.

Being far from home, Kathleen was left feeling uneasy. “We were in unfamiliar territory in terms of medical assistance, in terms of doctors, in terms of all of that,” shared Kathleen.

After settling in and chatting with some of the medical team members, Kathleen’s unease morphed into comfort.

“I was most impressed with the nurses. These vibrant and knowledgeable nurses who were so available and caring,” Kathleen said. “I felt like I was the only person they were taking care of.”

Kathleen was so appreciative of the care she received, especially being so far away from home, that she made a Gift of Gratitude through the Baystate Health Foundation to say “thanks” to the team that cared from her. “I wanted to have some way to express my appreciation,” she shared.

In the end, it was determined that Kathleen didn’t have any blockages and she was cleared to continue her trip, knowing that the compassionate care she experienced at Baystate Medical Center would be there if she ever needed it again.

Interested in saying "thanks" to a Baystate Health team member or supporting healthcare for your community? Make a donation during Baystate Health Foundation's 30 Days of Giving, running until Dec. 21.