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UMass Dance Marathon Participants Boogie to Beat Fundraising Goal

May 06, 2018

Can you imagine dancing for 12 consecutive hours? University of Massachusetts students and participants of the 12th annual Children’s Miracle Network for the Kids Dance Marathon did just that and it paid off.

Surpassing the 2018 goal of raising $200,000, the event raised $212,134.97 for Baystate Children’s Hospital, exceeding the 2017 year total of $133,000.

Coming Together for the Kids

The UMass For the Kids (FTK) student organization works year-round to create uplifting and interactive events that raise funds for the Baystate Children’s Hospital. The culmination of the group’s annual efforts is a 12-hour dance marathon, which runs from 10 am to 10 pm, and features activities, games, performances, and, of course, dancing, for students, participants, and our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals families in attendance.

“Just seeing the smiles on not just the [children’s] faces, but the families as well, was amazing,” said University of Massachusetts senior Brady Sharon, vice president for external relations on the events executive board. “It was probably one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life.

The funds raised through the UMass FTK’s dance marathons have allowed Baystate Children’s Hospital to purchase important medical equipment, fund research, and implement facility updates. Most recently, the funds helped to support the new Pediatric Procedure Unit.

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