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Wish List - Child Life Department seeking toys and other donations for Baystate Children's Hospital patients

November 24, 2015
Crayon clip art

All year long, but especially around the holidays, the Child Life Department at Baystate Children's Hospital is in need of toy donations, as well as other products. The activities and play items donated directly benefit our pediatric patients, and are so important towards reducing stress and anxiety, and providing much needed distraction during their hospital stay.

The following FAQs and Wish List offers some helpful guidelines and suggestions on what items are most appropriate to donate.

Toy Donation FAQ

Q: What should I keep in mind when donating toys or supplies to Baystate Children's Hospital?
A: Although patients receive gifts during holidays and birthdays, many of the donated items are also used for our playrooms and individual inpatient rooms. Toys with fabric or cloth cannot be used for multiple patients and cannot be accepted (unless they are individually gifted stuffed animals, blankets, or clothes). Please see our Wish List below for specific examples of what we hope to obtain for our patients on an ongoing basis.

Q: Can I donate used items?
A: Due to infection control policies and the safety of our patients, we are only able to accept brand new items. However, we are able to accept used DVDs and video games.

Q: Where, when, and how do I donate my items?
A: If the items you are donating are new, please call the Child Life Office and schedule a time with us to drop off your items. If you do not want to meet with a Child Life Specialist at the time of your donation, please feel free to drop them off at the information desk in the Daly Lobby, specifying where you would like them donated to. Please leave your contact information with your donation so we can properly thank you.

Q: Can I deliver my gift directly to the patients?
A: Because of concerns for patient confidentiality and infection control, donors are not allowed to deliver gifts directly to patients.

Q: Can I donate event tickets to patients and families?
A: We welcome ticket donations. Please note, however, that due to confidentiality tickets should be sent to the Child Life Department for distribution to families and not left at “will call.”

Additional donation opportunities could involve completing a service project outside of the hospital, such as creating a toy drive, new book drive, gift card drive, etc.

Product Donation Wish List

*Starred items are especially needed or desired

Please remember that no cloth items can be donated as they cannot be reused due to infection control policies. All donated items must be brand new with the exception of DVDs and video games, which must have specific ratings (please see below).

Infants & Toddlers

  • Cause and effect light and sound toys - no cloth*
  • Infant toys (rattles, soothers, etc.)*
  • Crib gyms and mobiles – no cloth*
  • Crib music boxes*
  • Crib mirrors – no cloth
  • Glow worms/new stuffed animals without buttons or any other choking hazards
  • Toddler toys (stacking toys, shape sorters, pop-up boxes, play phones, etc.)*
  • Fisher Price Little People (play sets or figures)
  • Umbrella strollers (with machine washable materials)

School Age

  • Playing cards*
  • Cardgames (UNO, Phase 10, Skip Bo)*
  • Matchbox cars*
  • Pretend medical kits*
  • I Spy books
  • Sport balls
  • Action figures (including animals, dinosaurs, superheroes, etc.)
  • Building toys (Lego kits – complete kits and free play Lego blocks, K’Nex, etc.)*
  • Dolls/babies with plastic bodies (no cloth or hair) of different ethnicity
  • Baby doll accessories (stroller, high chair)
  • Stuffed animals (brand new only)

Teens/Young Adults

  • Headphones/earbuds*
  • Gift cards – (iTunes, Google Play, Target, Walmart, Amazon, movie theaters, Dunkin' Donuts, fast food outlets, etc.)*
  • Nail polish kits*
  • Make-up/hair kits/supplies
  • Squeezable stress balls
  • Journals
  • Word magnets, particularly ones with emotions/feelings
  • Nerf basketball hoops/balls*
  • Table top air hockey, foosball, etc.


  • Portable DVD players*
  • New release DVDs (especially teen, classic Disney, Ninja Turtles, Avengers, but not R-rated)*
  • Handheld game PSP or Nintendo DS/DSi Game Systems and games*
  • Rated E/E10+/Teen video games (for PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, PSP, DS/DSI)*
  • Music CDs (popular/current teen, nature sounds/relaxation, Disney, lullaby)
  • Portable radios/CD players
  • iPad minis or iPods*


  • Ready-to-go individual arts & crafts kits*
  • Beads/string/jewelry making kits*
  • Small canvases*
  • Crayons*
  • Unpainted wooden crafts (frames, boxes, birdhouses, cars, etc.)
  • Unpainted cardboard boxes/magnetic tins to decorate (in various sizes/shapes)
  • Crayola Model Magic or Sculpey clay
  • Glue sticks
  • Paint (Tempera)/paint brushes of various sizes
  • Model kits
  • Fusion beads
  • Sketch books
  • Drawing pencils
  • Fabric paint/kits
  • White pillow cases/ white t-shirts of various sizes
  • Do a Dot Paint Markers
  • Sun catchers
  • Paint-by-number
  • Velvet (fuzzy) posters
  • Black and white posters (for use with colored pencils or markers)
  • Colored pencils/markers


  • Bubbles (especially no-spill tumblers)*
  • Stickers*
  • Fun band-aids*
  • Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 9 volt)*
  • Surgi Dolls for Medical Play
  • “Find It!” and other distraction items
  • Karaoke machine

Please contact the Child Life Department at (413) 794-3145 to confirm that your potential gift-in-kind can be accepted and to make drop off/delivery arrangements.