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Nurses "sprint" into action, literally, to save baby

October 26, 2015
Sprinting Nurses

Elizabeth Peckham, CNRP-RNI and Edyta Halastra, CNRP-RNIII were working in the cardiac infusion suite on Daly 3 at Baystate Medical Center when a woman came into the waiting room carrying a baby and screaming desperately for help.

Working fast

Peckham and Halastra saw the baby was minimally responsive and barely breathing.

In seconds, Peckham decided on the fastest way to help the baby. She held the child securely against her chest and sprinted down the hall toward the Emergency Department. Halastra followed while a charge nurse took over care of the patient in the infusion suite.

Peckham ran through the Daly lobby, shouting to a volunteer to call a code blue and let the ED know they were coming. She heard the baby gasp for air.

When they reached the gift shop, Peckham was out of breath and needed to rest. So, just like a relay-race team, she handed the baby over to Halastra, who continued the sprint to the elevator and down to the ED. When Halastra arrived, caregivers in the ED were waiting and cared for the baby, who had a fever and seizure.

A happy ending

“I didn’t do this for praise,” says Peckham. “We’re nurses and it’s in our DNA to help people.”

And, the story has a happy ending. The baby fully recovered from the incident.

“We have an amazing team here,” said Tom Panaccione, RN, manager of the observation unit on Daly 3B. “It’s another example of all the wonderful things Magnet nurses at Baystate Medical Center do.”