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Nurse mentor inspires new grad

June 03, 2015
Two nurses looking at monitors

Baystate Medical Center nurse resident Lauryn Cronin found the secret to being an excellent nurse by watching Khristine Morin, a member of the hospital’s Rapid Response Team.

an example to follow

Cronin said Morin’s calm and approachable demeanor in answering her many new grad questions has helped her become a better nurse.

Morin, a nurse for 17 years, works in a fast-paced environment, assisting in time critical situations to save a patient’s life. She also teaches and mentors nurses, interns and residents. That’s how Cronin – who remembers how nervous and apprehensive she was during her first experiences as a nurse at Baystate – was first introduced to Morin.

Letter of praise

Cronin was so impressed with Morin’s teaching and mentoring that she wrote a letter to Morin’s manager noting:

She consistently sits down with me and discusses my millions of new-grad questions and helps me identify appropriate resources to seek out in each situation. However, Khristine also makes sure I have a full understanding of the situation at hand. She points out information I would not have thought to look for. She is approachable and has never once made me feel as new as I am.

“Lauryn demonstrates her critical thinking skills and uses them to deliver care appropriate for each patient. She is going to be great nurse!” Morin said.

Photo: Lauryn Cronin, RN, (Left) and Khristine Morin, RN