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Baystate Mary Lane Hospital to offer Grieving Support Group beginning in September

July 29, 2014

Healing after a loss is often a long and difficult journey. Beginning Tuesday, September 2, Baystate Mary Lane Hospital will offer a support group for people experiencing the grief that follows the death of a loved one.

Medical social worker Amy Correia will facilitate the Grieving Support Group.

Share and heal together

"It takes courage to address one's grief," Correia said. "Those experiencing a loss may feel alone in their struggles and grief. Support groups can help to inspire strength in those who have suffered a tremendous loss and can offer a sense of togetherness and understanding from people who have experience the same feelings."

Community members are welcome to attend regularly or on a drop-in basis.

"This support group can be used to address grief from a loss that is recent, from long ago, or that you expect in the near future. This loss could be related to the death of a loved one, a friend or relative facing terminal illness, having a loved one placed in a nursing home, or any other major life change," said Correia. 

Join us

The Grieving Support Group will meet the first Tuesday of every month from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, during the months of September through June. Meetings will be held in the Human Resource Conference Room at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital.