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Make A Gift With Stock

When you give $1,000 in cash, you receive a $1,000 deduction, which may save you $280 in the federal 28% bracket. Now, suppose you have $1,000 in mutual fund shares you bought five years ago for $500. If you sell the shares, you’ll owe $75 in capital gains tax on the profit (at the 15% capital gains tax rate).

If you donate the shares to Baystate Health Foundation, you avoid the $75 tax bill and the tax-savings you still get from the $1,000 deduction. Plus, you put the full $1,000 to work for a great cause (as a non-profit, we don’t have to pay tax on the profit when it sells), helping us deliver a higher state of caring to our patients and families.

You win. You help our patients win.

Make Baystate Health Foundation your charity of choice today.

For more information or to make a stock transfer, please contact Kylie Johnson at 413-794-7789 or click here to email.

Please note: This information is for illustration purposes and should not be considered legal, accounting or other professional advice. Please consult with your tax or financial advisor before making a gift.

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