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Gifts of Gratitude

At Baystate Health, our goal is to exceed expectations and provide the very best care possible to every patient we are privileged to serve. We often hear stories of team members going above and beyond. Patients and families sometimes ask us, "how can we show our appreciation?”

A Gift of Gratitude is a way to personally say “thank you” for the care you or a loved one received and to recognize a team member for their efforts. By making a donation in honor of a doctor, nurse, other staff member or an entire unit, you offer both your recognition and appreciation of the care they gave to you or a loved one. Additionally, your donation goes directly to their area of service to support their work and pay it forward for future patients.

Donate today

That recognition includes (please note: some of these elements may be adjusted due to COVID-19):

  • An email outlining why you chose to make a Gift of Gratitude are sent to both the team member and their supervisor
  • A digital certificate from Baystate Health President & CEO Mark Keroack, MD
  • An optional pin the team member choose to wear to show that they have been recognized

How can I make a Gift of Gratitude?

You can make a Gift of Gratitude online or by mailing in your donation, along with a Gift of Gratitude card, found in our care areas at any Baystate Health location.

2021 Gift of Gratitude Honorees

We would like to recognize the Baystate Health team members who have been recognized for their outstanding work through a Gift of Gratitude.

  • Laurie Anti, Baystate Home Health & Hospice
  • Cathy Bastible, Home Health & Hospice
  • Baystate Children’s Hospital Team
  • Baystate Franklin Constant Companion Program Team
  • Baystate Franklin Hospital COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Team
  • Baystate Franklin Medical Center Team
  • Baystate Health Foundation Team
  • Baystate Home Health & Hospice Team (2)
  • Baystate Intensive Care Unit
  • Baystate Noble Hospital Engineering Department Team
  • Baystate Wing Hospital Team
  • Baystate Medical Center Medical Staff
  • Baystate Medical Center Cardiac Care Team, Davis Family Heart & Vascular Center
  • Baystate Medical Center Emergency Department Team (2)
  • Baystate Medical Center Nursing Staff
  • Baystate Medical Center Observation Department Team
  • Baystate Medical Center Springfield 3 Oncology Unit Team
  • Elizabeth Blaser, Home Heath & Hospice
  • Angelica Boutin, Baystate Mary Lane
  • Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Team, Davis Family Heart & Vascular Center
  • Derek Charron, Daly Pharmacy
  • Samridhi Chikersal, MD, BMP Pioneer Valley Family
  • Kevin Conroy, Baystate Home Health & Hospice (2)
  • Gabriela Dadario, Traveling Nurse Staff
  • Sarah James Dalhaus, Surgical Services
  • D'Amour Center for Cancer Care Team
  • Elizabeth “Betsy” Daniel, Women’s Imaging
  • Kristin Dardano, MD, BMP Northampton OB/GYN
  • Meaghan Delaney, MD, OB/GYN Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Donna Eaton, Baystate Home Health & Hospice
  • Daniel T. Engelman, MD, Baystate Cardiac Surgery
  • Floor M5 Nurses, Davis Family Heart & Vascular Center
  • Rebecca Flynn, Baystate Home Health & Hospice
  • Cindy Forte, Home Health & Hospice
  • Diane Gauthier, Baystate Home Health & Hospice
  • Shelli Gebo, Davis Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Alyssa Guajardo, DO, OB/GYN
  • Kerri Guimond, Per Diem Nursing Staff
  • Puncho Gurung, MD, Pulmonary Medicine
  • Kevin Hachey, MD, Internal Medicine
  • Stacey Hayward, Rapid Response Team
  • Anna Henry, Lactation Services
  • William House, MD, Neurology
  • Azad Jabiev, MD, BMP General Surgery
  • John Joelson, MD, Pioneer Valley Cardiology
  • Ari Kugelmass, MD, Heart & Vascular Program
  • Rose Ladue, Baystate Home Health & Hospice
  • Kathy Laughlin, High Street Health Center
  • Kate Laverdiere, Baystate Home Health & Hospice
  • Tyane Lopes, Neurosciences
  • Kelly Lynch, MD, OB/GYN Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Marianne MacCullagh, Spiritual Services
  • Joanne McGirr, Orthopedics
  • Cheryl Mustain, Geriatrics & Palliative Care
  • Tashanna Myers, MD, Gynecologic Oncology
  • Katie Nason, MD, Thoracic Surgery
  • Dennis Oh, MD, Neurosurgery
  • Krissy Pelletier, Baystate Home Health & Hospice
  • Andrea Rakaska, Home Health & Hospice
  • Ronnie Ren, HVC Endo/Surg
  • Bill Riley, Baystate Medical Center Rehabilitation
  • Melissa Roberts, Baystate Home Health & Hospice
  • Deb Roy, Daly Pharmacy
  • Benjamin Schlaet, MD, BMP Plastic Surgery Service
  • Anna Sibley, Geriatrics & Palliative Care
  • Cynthia Sites, MD, OB/GYN Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Cynthia St. John, Davis Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Richard Steingart, MD, Hematology and Oncology
  • The TAVR Team, Davis Family Heart & Vascular Center
  • Michael Valente, Baystate Noble Hospital Engineering Department
  • Peter Wilson, Baystate Home Health & Hospice
  • Halina Wiczyk, MD, OB/GYN Reproductive Endocrinology

Honoree names are updated on a monthly basis.