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WorkLife and EAP Support

New!  WorkLife and EAP Support Program Began March 19, 2020

Baystate Health has expanded and enhanced our EAP and Worklife Services for all employees, their dependents and household members. These confidential services staffed with master’s level clinicians and online resources are available 24/7 at no cost to you.  These expanded services will be offered by Magellan Health, a preeminent provider experienced in support for healthcare organizations like ours.  Print the overview flyer to take home and share with your family.

Get Started

• Call Magellan Health at 1-800-888-6332
• Visit and create an account:
1. Select Find My Company/LogIn
2. Select the tab Log In
3. Next to “Don’t have an account?” select “Sign up”
4. Complete account registration form
5. Select Get Started

Common examples of why people use WorkLife and EAP Support:

• Manage stress
• Enrich your relationships
• Build coping skills
• Mitigate harmful thoughts
• Improve sleep
• Build a support system
• Better balance work and life
• Boost emotional health
• Alcohol/Substance use
• Enhance parenting skills
• Manage mood swings
• Process trauma or grief

Core services

• Counseling—Struggling alone and doing nothing is never the answer. Get the help you need in a convenient, confidential, safe and non-judgmental environment.  Call our new partner, Magellan Health, when you need support--any amount.  Every call is answered by a master's level licensed clinician who listens to your concerns and connects you with the resources to best meet your needs.  Clinicians are available if you are in crisis and have immediate concerns to address. Pick up the phone and call--they are available 24/7/365.

If referred to local counselor in the community, you can choose from a network of licensed professionals trained to help with common challenges such as stress, anxiety, grief, marital/family relationship concerns, parenting, addictions and more. Counseling sessions are solution-focused; they can help you better understand challenges and determine helpful next steps to move forward.

You and your dependents and household members each have up to 6 counseling sessions per issue/concern per year and concierge service for appointment scheduling. The first time you call about counseling, a Magellan staff member will offer to take your information and contact providers directly to find the first available appointment for you. 

If you seek to continue your counseling, after the 6 sessions, behavioral health visits are covered through your BH-HNE medical plan.  If you are covered by another health insurance carrier, contact them directly to ask about your behavioral health coverage.  See below for information on the medical plan.

• Coaching—For more mild issues, coaching is available on-staff Magellan clinician to help you  meet goals using coaches to help you stay when you have a goal to achieve. Coaching is unlimited and not a part of the 6 session/issue/year limit of Counseling.      

• Online programs and apps—When it comes to your emotional health, online programs help you learn and practice skills so you can feel better on your own time. These self-guided DCBT programs are confidential and address anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder,  and substance use disorder .

FearFighter® -Anxiety, Panic, and Phobia
MoodCalmer - Depression and Low Mood
Restore® - Insomnia and Sleep Problems
Comfortable® -Chronic Pain
OCFighter Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Shade -Addiction: Alcohol/Drug Use

• WorkLife Balance Services -Save time and money with specialists who research service providers in many areas including childcare, adult care, education, home improvement, travel planning and more.

• Financial Services (& Legal)– Access to free consultations and resources with financial coaches; budget planning, debt and credit, college and retirement planning, taxes, loan and mortgage assistance.  This also includes ID Theft and Legal Services free consultations and resources.

WorkLife and EAP Support services are:
• Completely confidential services provided by Magellan Health
• Available 24/7/365 telephonic support from master's level clinicians 
• Provided at no-cost to all Baystate team members, their dependents and household members.

Distress, Prevention and Crisis Resources

Mental health treatment prevents suicide.  Suicide most often happens when stressful life events overload the coping abilities of someone suffering from a mental health condition.  Most people who take their lives exhibit one or more warning signs either through what they say or how they behave.  The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention asserts that if you suspect someone is suffering, assume you are the only person and be that support that connects the person to someone who can help.  
If you are struggling with thoughts, take them seriously and get help. Getting help is a sign of strength.  There are biological and psychological treatments that can help address the underlying health issues that put people at risk for suicide.  Call the National Suicide Prevention  1-800-273-8255. Crisis Text Line:  Text HOME to 741741 for free, 24/7 crisis support, anywhere in the U.S.


Behavioral Health Visits through your BH-HNE Medical Plan

All Baystate Health team members who are enrolled in either one of the BH-HNE medical plans, also have access to licensed therapists and psychiatrists in the local community.  To access therapists and locate those that are accepting new patients, visit  Once on the site: Select: "Members" and scroll down to "Provider Search".
Select: "Find a Health New England Provider" 
Provider Network: Select "Self-Funded (ASO) PPO" 
Specialty:  Search on; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Outpatient Mental Health Services, Psychology-LICSW, PhD, Psychiatry, Substance Abuse

The cost:  If enrolled in the Baystate Advantage Medical Plan, there is no deductible for outpatient or inpatient behavioral health, and a $25 copay.  If enrolled in  the Baystate HSA Medical Plan, you pay the full cost until your deductible is met. Once met, you pay 10% coinsurance.  See the 2019 BH Medical Plan Summary Cost Summary.

Behavioral Health Visits through Teladoc

All Baystate Health team members who are enrolled in either one of the BH-HNE medical plans, also have access to licensed therapists and psychiatrists across the nation, through Teladoc.  Teladoc is a telemedicine service that provides access to a large variety of licensed healthcare professionals, including licensed therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists by web chat (preferable), phone, or mobile app.  Once you log into the Teladoc site, you answer a few questions about your needs and preferences and are presented with a listing of available therapists, along with their bios. You select your preferred appointment dates and times and in most cases appointments are made within 72 hours.  For continuity of care, you can continue with the same therapist.  The cost:  If enrolled in the Baystate Advantage Medical Plan, there is no deductible and a $25 copay/visit.  If enrolled in  the Baystate HSA Medical Plan, you pay the full cost until your deductible is met. Visits range in cost from: LICSW $80 - Psychiatrist $160/visit. Once the deductible is met, you pay 10% coinsurance. See the 2019 BH Medical Plan Summary Cost Summary.

Get Started with Teladoc
1. Activate Your Account: Be ready when you need care by activating your Teladoc account now. Select Get Started.   Enter your medical history information. 
2. Request an Appointment:  By phone at 1-800-Teladoc (835-2362), or log in online or request your appointment via the mobile app.  Most appointments occur within 3 days of your request.