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Webinars By Topic

Webinars are an efficient way to gain more knowledge on a topic. These training's are led by subject matter experts and are now 45 minutes or less!. Baystate Healthy, in collaboration with its partners, hand selects webinars for our employees. Browse the topics below and participate live in an upcoming webinar or watch the recording of past webinars.


On Demand Webinars

Financial Well-being


Four Ways to Rebuild Money Confidence: Managing Debt -(available on demand)-This webinar explains the importance of each component of your plan and focuses on “managing debt” and available strategies to help you get started.

Investor Education: How Family Dynamics Influence Investment Goals - (available on demand)-We will provide tips and activities that can help make investing a family affair, and help you feel more confident about prioritizing and saving for different goals. Bonus: we’ll also include some important estate planning exercises.

Four Ways to Rebuild Money Confidence: Prioritizing Savings - (available on demand)-This webinar explains the importance of each component of your plan and focuses on “prioritizing savings” to help you get back on track with your short, medium, and long-term goals.

Investor Education: Building a Portfolio to Match Your Retirement Date - (available on demand)-In this session, we will review pertinent investment principles and disciplines, the importance of accurately estimating your retirement lifestyle budget and some helpful planning tools. We’ll also talk about how to take the initial steps in building your portfolio, as well as how to access additional support and resources if desired.

Four Ways to Rebuild Money Confidence: Maintaining Excellent Credit - (available on demand)-This webinar explains the importance of each component of your plan and focuses on helping you rebuild and “maintaining excellent credit.”

Investor Education: Creating Your Retirement Paycheck - (available on demand)-During this session, we will review potential sources of income in retirement and their related tax considerations. Our goal is to raise awareness of possible adjustments to your investment plan that could increase the odds of your retirement dream becoming a reality.

Budgeting When Income is Uncertain - Millions of Americans are seeing their income become increasingly unpredictable. In this webinar, you will get a review of up to date government-based programs and nationwide resources. Then, the webinar will focus on focus on specific budgeting tactics, student loan repayment strategies and debt/credit tips that can help during these challenging times. Time will be reserved for questions and answers.

 Investor Education: Strategies During Volatile Markets  - (available on demand)-Financial markets are volatile whenever the future earnings of companies, the stability of industries or the direction of global economies are uncertain. So when this happens, what do you do? Each webinar in this series will spend a few minutes reviewing updates to government and corporate actions intended to stabilize the markets, with the majority of time centered on investing principles, plus current investment opportunities and challenges.

Upcoming Live Webinars

Employee webinars   


Tuesday, July 12

Balancing Your Financial and Emotional Wellbeing -

Stress is something we all experience. Financial AND emotional strains are both common, routinely appear together, and can significantly influence our lives. Successfully reducing these stressors is key to overall wellness. In this presentation we will walk through several financial and emotional challenges and offer tips on how to manage them. We'll also talk about how working with professionals can help.

Register Here: 12:00 PM (ET) - Register Here: 3:00 pm (ET)

Wednesday, July 13 @ 2pm ET

Mindfulness: The Life-Mind-Body Connection

  • Define mindfulness and other mind-body methods to reduce stress.
  • Explain the myths and realities of meditation.
  • Practice deep breathing and meditation techniques.


Tuesday, July 19

Adjusting Your Finances During Periods of Inflation and Market Volatility

Are you stressed about rising costs and market volatility? Our team of Money Coaches is hosting a live webinar to help employees better understand the history and impacts of inflation, along with some tips and tricks to keep their budget and savings goals on track during these challenging economic times.

Register Here: 12:00 PM (ET) - Register Here: 3:00 PM (ET)



Thursday, July 28:

Investing: Education for Beginners

Learn more about why investing can be a critical factor in achieving long-term goals. We will explain how different types of personal goals work and how timeframes and types of investment accounts can play a key role in helping you reach your savings targets. Then, build your knowledge as we explain how mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and other types of investments work. We’ll conclude with some action steps attendees can take to apply what they have learned.

Register Here: 12:00 PM (ET) - Register Here: 3:00 pm (ET)


Wednesday, August 10 @ 2pm ET

Make Life Easier: Create More Peace and Balance at Work and Home

  • Define what peace and balance means.
  • Describe mindsets and how to set practical expectations.
  • Identify strategies to help create calm and manage work-life flow.


Wednesday, September 14 @ 2pm ET

Suicide Risk: Awareness and Prevention

  • Define the warning signs of suicide.
  • Discuss how to speak to someone about suicide concerns.
  • List resources and how to get help.


Wednesday, October 12 @ 2pm ET

Understanding Substance Misuse

  • Define addiction and warning signs of substance misuse.
  • Identify when it’s time to get help.
  • List resources to help with recovery.


Wednesday, November 9 @ 2pm ET

Thriving Through the Holidays

  • Describe why holidays are more stressful than other times of the year.
  • Identify your “limits” during the holidays.
  • Explain coping skills to help you stay emotionally healthy.


Wednesday, December 14 @ 2pm ET

The Power of Purpose

  • Describe the importance of purpose for resilience and thriving.
  • Discuss benefits of purpose.
  • Identify strategies to live with intention and realize your meaning.


Manager webinars. 

Wednesday, September 28 @ 2pm ET

Creating an Environment Where Positive Relationships Thrive

  • Define positive relationships and why they are important at work.
  • Discuss ways to deal with team conflict and manage difficult feelings in the workplace.
  • Identify how to handle difficult or uncivil customers/clients.


Wednesday, December 7 @ 2pm ET

Leading with Purpose

  • Describe the importance of purpose for leading resilient teams.
  • Discuss benefits of leading with purpose.
  • Identify strategies to lead with intention.