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Pregnancy and Parenthood

As a Baystate Health team member, you have access to a variety of benefits and resources to help you parent your children, from pregnancy through college. Print a copy of the Pregnancy & Parenting resource guide or the Parenting School-Aged Children resource guide, or access these resources by category from the banners below.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding and Adoption

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

At Baystate, we support team members who are pregnant or lactating as it is our desire to promote healthy pregnancies, recovery from childbirth, breastfeeding and bonding and caring for a new child. As such, we have a host of resources to support you and your family during this special time of your life. For more information, review the Pregnancy, Lactation and Breastfeeding Support policy on The Hub>Policies>BH-HR-318

Upon Pregnancy

It is important to inform your manager as soon as possible to allow for preparations to be made while you are on your maternity leave. While your due date may still be several months away, you should initiate your maternity leave early in the process. Refer to the Pregnancy Kit for important reminders and resources regarding your pregnancy needs, maternity leave and your return to work. In addition, if at any time during your pregnancy your healthcare provider recommends restrictions, inform your manager immediately, so that you can work together to determine accommodations.

Support for New Moms and Nursing Moms 

Emotional Support - This exciting time of life can also sometimes pose new feelings and challenges to sort through. All employees have access to free, confidential counseling to help navigate the many adjustments that this change can bring. Call Life GuidanceResources & EAP at 855-327-4479.

Community Support - Follow Baystate’s New Beginnings group on Facebook! This group forum allows Baystate’s own Parent Educators to offer advice and support to new and expectant parents. You will also receive reminders about upcoming Baystate parent classes and support group meetings. Search “Baystate’s New Beginnings” from your Facebook account to follow.

Lactation Rooms -  Lactation space is provided to allow you to express milk while at work. There are several identified spaces across the organization, however, if you do not see a lactation lounge listed that is near you, work with your manager to find an appropriate space.

To access the lactation rooms below, contact BMC Lactation Services at 413-794-5312. Each of these rooms is equipped with a hospital grade electric breast pump and personal kits can be purchased from Lactation Services.

  • BMC- Springfield, S1404B
  • Holyoke- Whitney 2003A
  • 280 Chestnut- 3rd Floor lounge/ladies room    

To access these spaces, call HRAnswers at 413-794-4747.

  • BFMC, Obstetric Unit, equipped with an electric pump. Contact the unit, 413-773-2359.
  • BMLH- On the 4th floor Oncology, D406A. The Security department can unlock the room for you. 413-967-2546.
  • Noble- 2W, Room 216. The nursing supervisor or Security can unlock the room for you.
  • Wing - 1st floor, between café and OR. Someone in the café or Security (0-5154) can unlock the room for you.

Adoption Assistance

Receive reimbursement for eligible adoption expenses. For more information, review the policy on The Hub>Policies>BH-HR-300. 

Childbirth and Parent Education Classes

Classes are available at several Baystate locations on topics that pinpoint what you need to know before baby is born, for childbirth and after baby is born.

Expectant Parent Newsletter

Each weekly email is customized to your exact week of pregnancy and baby’s age, up to their third birthday. Subscribe online.

Job Protection While on Maternity Leave

Job Protection and Income Replacement While on Leave – Employees may be eligible for job protection and/or income replacement under a variety of federal and/or state leave laws. Contact Disability Managements at 413-794-7682 to confirm your eligibility. For more information, visit The Hub>Policies>BH-HR-306.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance is available for purchase during benefits open enrollment. This supplementary medical-based insurance, pays you a daily benefit during your hospital stay for childbirth. The benefit amount is determined based on the type of facility and the number of days you stay. This benefit is not health insurance, however it can help you pay for your medical expenses. A few examples of how you could use this money:

  • Out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles and copays
  • Travel, food and lodging expenses for family members
  • Child care
  • Everyday expenses like utilities and groceries

There is no pre-existing stipulation on this policy, however it is only available for purchase during benefits open enrollment. Learn more about BenefitsPlus.

Care Options for Your Child

Find Child Care, Camps and Activities

Call the WorkLife and EAP Support team at 1-800-888-6332 - 24/7/365 to get access to parenting specialists for all your parenting needs:

  • Adoption
  • Before-and After-School Care
  • Full-time Child Care (centers, in-home, family day care)
  • Child Development
  • Special Needs
  • Work & Family

Your Family’s Finances

Financial Building

Speak directly to a Certified Public Accountant or Certified Financial Planner and get answers to  your questions about building a rainy day fund, college saving, budgeting and more! Call WorkLife and EAP Support at 800-888-6332.

Dependent Care FSA

Contribute up to $5,000 per year of pre-tax dollars to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to use on expenses incurred while you are at work for things such as day care, day camp or nursery school expenses.  For more information, visit The Hub>Benefits>Flexible Spending Accounts .

Term Life Insurance

Baystate covers 1x the salary of all full time employees and an additional 1x salary in the event of an accidental death. You can add or change your beneficiary status at any time. Supplemental buy-up coverage is available during open enrollment. For more information, visit The Hub>Benefits>Life Insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

Coverage of one to five times salary, with cash value available to you, your spouse, children, and grandchildren. Medical underwriting is required for some amounts. For more information, visit The Hub>Benefits>BenefitsPlus.

Estate Planning

A free consult with an attorney can help you think through how best to secure your estate. Call Life GuidanceResources & EAP at 855-327-4479. In addition, legal plan insurance is available for purchase, providing low cost access to legal services including will preparation and other estate planning, visit The Hub>Benefits>BenefitsPlus.

Youth Accounts 

Pioneer Valley Credit Union (PVCU) will make the initial $25 deposit for members under the age of 2. These young members get the reward of a free gift each time they make a deposit. For more information and to open a Youth Account contact 413-733-2800. All Baystate Health Employees can become a member of PVCU. To learn more, visit The Hub>Baystate Healthy>Financial Well-being

Your Child’s Education

College Planning Assistance

Worklife Specialists and Certified Financial Planners are available by phone at no cost to you, through the WorkLife and EAP Support program.  Receive advice, information and referrals to address questions about your child’s education. Call WorkLife and EAP Support at 800-888-6332. Searching for colleges, tutors, private schools, resources and referrals to help plan for and finance college.

529 College Savings Plan

A 529 college savings plan is a smart way to help meet the rising costs of higher education. 529 college savings plans offer significant tax benefits and an exceptional degree of control and flexibility. What's more, 529 plans can be used for virtually any public or private institution of higher education in the United States and even many abroad.

The Scholars Choice 529 college savings plan can help your family save for college, graduate school, or vocational school. By investing in this Plan, your investments will grow tax-deferred, and withdrawals used for qualified educational expenses are not subject to federal income tax. In addition, you maintain ownership and control how the money is used. 529 plans offer an exceptional array of tax benefits, flexibility, and control.


  • A way to for families to save for college
  • Available to investors nationwide
  • Proceeds can be used for any accredited college
  • An investment account with tax advantages
  • Cost-effective employer-sponsored plan investment options

To learn more about the 529 College Savings plan, visit BenefitsPlus.

Your Child's Health

Add Your Child to Your Health Plan

In order to have health insurance coverage for your new family member, you need to initiate a “Qualifying Life Event” in Workday within 30 days after the birth or legal adoption of your child. Log into Workday, click the Benefits application from the homepage, and then click Benefits in the Change Column to begin the enrollment process. Make sure to have all applicable documentation to attach (i.e birth certificate). For questions, contact HRAnswers at 413-794-4747.

Health Care FSA

You can start or increase your Health Care FSA contribution to pay for your child’s uncovered, eligible medical expenses. For more information, visit The Hub>Benefits>Flexible Spending Accounts.


A phone or online consult with a physician for your child’s cold, rash, respiratory infection, etc. Create an account before you need care to expedite your first visit. For more information, visit The Hub>Benefits>Teladoc.

Health New England Nurse Line*

Licensed nurses and clinicians are available 24/7 to answer your health-related questions, at no cost to you. Call the HNE nurse line at 866-389-7613.

*applies to employees enrolled in a Baystate Health, Health New England medical plan.