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Live and Recorded Webinars

Upcoming Live Webinars

Resiliency Today: Manage your Stress Webinar - Thursday, April 2 from 1 - 2PM

This webinar will cover the common causes of stress, how to recognize your stress signals, and successful strategies for managing stress when it occurs. To reserve your seat, open your Google Chrome browser (the link will not work on Internet Explorer) and click here.

Financial Wellness: Overcoming Debt - Wednesday, April 8 from 1 - 2PM

This webinar will address the different types of debt and how participants can work towards living a debt free life. To reserve your seat, open your Google Chrome browser (the link will not work on Internet Explorer) and click here.

On Demand Webinars by Topic


Handling the New Normal: Managing Tech, Anxiety, and Social Distancing

View this  meQuilibrium "Calm Cast" recording, as meQuilibrium’s Chief Science Officer and renowned psychologist, Dr. Andrew Shatté, for your guide to managing tech, anxiety, and disconnection in this new reality we live in.

Overcome Worry: Managing Anxiety and Worry during Uncertain Times

It is normal to feel worried, anxious, unsettled, distracted, scared and/or overwhelmed by COVID-19. We all worry from time to time, although excessive worry can affect us emotionally and physically. This recordings will help you identify your thought patterns that lead you to worry and provide a formula you can use to overcome worry.

The Science of Reslience- How to Thrive in Life  

This recorded presentation will provide you an "emotional toolkit" of relevant actions you can take to start enhancing your life today!  Dr. Darlene Mininni shares how resilience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness can affect physical health. Science consistently shows that positive emotions make a physiological impact on one's life - whether you are 18 or 80 - and Dr. Mininni offers practical advice to bring more well-being into your life. This lecture is part of the Frank B. Roehr Memorial Lecture Series, which was established by Mr. Roehr's daughter, Suzanne Angelucci, to inform the public on topics associated with the power of humor and positive thinking.

On Demand Webinars, available through LifeCare. To view any of the above, first open your Google Chrome web browser (the link will not work on Internet Explorer) and click here.

  • Best Practices for Working Remotely
  • Living in Uncertain Times
  • Talking to Your Child about Coronavirus



College Savings Plan

Learn more about how to start saving now for college expenses through the 529 College Savings Plan.



The Weight Watchers Experience

During this Webinar, a Weight Watchers expert will take you on a guided tour of the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program, including these topics: • Digital and Mobile Tools
• The SmartPoints system and WW Freestyle program
• How to Eat What You Love, Do What Moves You, and Shift Your Mindset


WW - All About the App

Backed by the latest nutritional and behavioral science, WW helps millions lose weight. Whether you're new to WW or just thinking about joining, it all starts with the WW app. In this webinar with Lisa Shaub, a WW (formerly Weight Watchers) Coach in both workshops and to VIPS for over a decade, you'll get a demo of our easy-to-use app, with all the tools you need, including food and activity tracking, barcode scanning, a restaurant finder, thousands of recipes, 24/7 Chat with a Coach and much more.  Whether you're tech-savvy or a complete novice, this is not your grandmother's Weight Watchers!

A Transformation Story

During this webinar, Lisa shares her powerful yet relatable story. How she struggled for years, found long-lasting success with our program and went on to become not only a Weight Watchers Leader, but one of our VIP coaches. Her transformation over the years includes career challenges, family changes and all sorts of ups and downs. Join us for an interactive and honest session, and learn real tips from someone who has transformed her life and the life of many others.


Cutting Time in the Kitchen

Does lack of time get in the way of your health goals and cooking at home?

This workshop begins with an easy knife skills course, the foundation for more delicious and efficient cooking. This lesson is then reinforced by a simple cooking concept that saves both time and money, while boosting your confidence. Maybe you’re already focused on improving your health and well-being and have a routine in place that’s working for you. Or perhaps you’re just starting a weight loss journey and are eager to form new habits. And then it happens: you have to travel for work, or to an upcoming family reunion, or for a long-planned weekend getaway. And you’re wondering how you’re going to stay on track. No worries – we have you covered. In this webinar with Lisa Shaub, you’ll get strategies and ideas to make sure eating on the road doesn’t get in your way of accomplishing your health goals. A WW (formerly Weight Watchers) leader and VIP coach for over a decade, Lisa has lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers and helped thousands of others work towards their own weight loss goals.


Healthy Eating on the Road 

Work weeks are busy and we often need to prepare speedy meals and snacks in small batches.  It can be a challenge to come up with fun, fresh, Smart Point friendly ideas when cooking for 1 or 2.  Julie will share some of her top tips for making meals in smaller amounts so you're not bored eating the same dish every night or stuck with a fridge full of leftovers!  She'll cover shopping lists, some of her favorite ingredients to keep on hand, tips to customize recipes to serve 1 or 2, and more.  Join us for this interactive session and learn practical tips from a WW chef and recipe developer! Join us for this interactive session and learn real life tips from a Weight Watchers chef and recipe developer.

Cooking with Julie: Cooking for 1 or 2

You’ll discover the positive differences he’s experienced in many aspects of his life and hear how he was able to master and personalize the program to fit around his busy life as a husband, a dad and as one of the guys. Matt’s a member first but he’s also a WW employee, meaning he’s able to share insights, perspectives and real honesty as to how to be successful.

A Transformation Story

During this webinar you’ll hear Matt’s transformation story and how his success with WW impacted the lives of his family and those around him as much as his own.

The New WW Experience

During this Webinar, a WW expert will take you on a guided tour of the WW FreestyleTM Program, including these topics:
•How to Eat What You Love, Do What Moves You, and Shift Your Mindset
•Our SmartPoints system and WW FreestyleTM program
•Digital and Mobile Tools

Get behind the scenes, interact with our expert and ask questions in this engaging setting.

Cooking With Julie: ZeroPoint Cooking

One of the best things about WW Freestyle is the flexibility to enjoy what you love plus the freedom of 200+ foods that are now Zero Points.  Even better? They can be use to make so many amazing ZeroPoint appetizers, snacks, soups, meals, and even desserts!  In this webinar, Julie shares easy recipes and looking tips to show you fun and sometimes surprising ways to take advantage of ZeroPoint ingredients in your cooking and entertaining.  Whether you're a WW member or not, join us for this interactive session and learn real life tips from a WW chef and Recipe Developer who's created 100's of ZeroPoint recipes.



It’s no secret that physical activity plays a very important role in our physical and mental health.  So why don’t we get enough of it?  Our body needs to move every 90 minutes for

about 10 minutes. A simple way to increase your movement is to build it into your work day. Below are a couple of videos that you can do at your desk.

 A Guided Stretch Routine     

This 6 minute video will guide you through several energizing stretches.

A Guided Resistance Band Exercise Break     

 This 10 minute video using resistance bands is a quick and fun way to add energy to your body, mind and soul.