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Baystate Healthy Ambassador Network

Resources for Employees:

Baystate Healthy Ambassadors are your fellow colleagues that have volunteered to help answer questions and promote engagement in Baystate Healthy programs and make Baystate a great place to work!   The Baystate Healthy staff are located at 280 Chestnut street, but your Baystate Healthy Ambassadors are located throughout the organization.  Click here to find an Ambassador near you. 

Resources for Ambassadors:

Welcome Baystate Healthy Ambassadors! We appreciate your commitment to share your energy and experience with others. Together we can make Baystate a healthy and great place to work! Use this webpage to find valuable resources and information to help you serve as an ambassador!

Complete the Orientation Activities by March 31, 2017 (required):

1. Watch the Baystate Healthy overview video (7 minutes). The video explains our mission, goals and purpose, as well as provides a general overview of the types of programs and resources available to employees and brief instructions on how they can get started.

2. Read and become well versed on our Frequently Asked Questions,  so that you can help answer employee’s general Baystate Healthy questions. If you ever have question that you are not sure the answer to, reference this document or call Baystate Healthy at 413-794-4939.

3. Get to know our website. Read the content, page by page, so that you can obtain a deeper understanding of each of the programs and resources available through Baystate Healthy. Keep a list of your questions and email them to

Complete and Track Monthly Activities through October 15, 2017 (required):

Ambassadors who completed the registration process by February 28, 2017 received an electronic activity tracker by email. If you need us to resend the tracker, please email

Ambassadors are required to record completion of these monthly activities in their trackers:

1. Read the monthly ambassador e-newsletter so that you can stay up to date on the latest news, program updates, and upcoming events.

2. Share Baystate Healthy program information and updates at unit or department meetings. Only share information that you find in the e-newsletter, on this website or directly from Baystate Healthy so that we can ensure the information is current and accurate.

3. Each month, post the current monthly calendar and program guide in a physical location where employee's will see it (communication boards, break rooms, etc). 

4. Help out your team members by being prepared to answer their questions, help them compelte a program or log into one of our portal, or if you are not sure how to help them, provide them with our contact information:


Phone: 413-794-4939


Programs & Events Calendar and Resource Guide

Flyers for Reference and Posting Each Quarter

Below are the flyers to post on employee bulletin boards.  We will update these on a quarterly basis and we will keep you updated through our monthly email when new flyers have been added.  You will also be a great help by removing any outdated materials as well.  Thank you!