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$1,000 Monthly Raffle

How to Earn Entries into Monthly Raffle

Every month through December, we award a $1,000 VISA gift card to a lucky winner!   Every 100 points you earn earns 1 raffle entry. Earning entries into the raffle is not dependent on the completion of MyHealth Rewards requirements.

Multiply Your Chances to Win the Monthly $1,000  Raffle! 
You have multiple chances to win this monthly raffle while improving your physical and emotional well-being.  You can earn up to 20 chances to win in a month and once you have earned those entries, they remain in the raffle drawing throughout the year. The earlier in the year and the more programs you participate in, the greater your odds of winning the raffle!  To learn how to earn entries into the monthly raffle, visit the $1000 Monthly Raffle tab below.  

To participate in the raffles, log into your WebMD Health portal. Once registered on the portal, you will begin to automatically earn entries each time you complete a participating activity/program.


1. The raffles are open to all benefits-eligible employees and you do not need to participate in the MyHealth Rewards program to qualify. 
2. Your participation in the raffle-eligible programs and the associated raffle entries you earn, are automatically captured within the WebMD portal.
3. Once you have earned raffle entries, they are valid each month, not just the month that you completed the raffle-eligible program.
4. A winner is randomly drawn the last weekday of each month and the winner will be notified via an email from Baystate Healthy within the week.
5. Participants are eligible to win a maximum of 1 time per program year.
6. Per IRS guidelines, when an employer provides money to an employee, it must be provided as taxable income.  However, for the $1,000 prize winners, Baystate will pay the taxes on the winner’s behalf.


What would you do with $1,000?

Find out how some of our past raffle winners used their $1,000 prize. Your chances to win are better than you think - so how would you spend it?

2020 Monthly Raffle Winners

  • January Raffle Winner - Debbie Naglieri-Prescod
  • February Raffle Winner - Soyoung Lee
  • March Raffle Winner - Michelle Provencher
  • April Raffle Winner - Jody Devine
  • May  Raffle Winner - Kathryn Jobbins
  • June Raffle Winner - Lynnette Milidakis
  • July Raffle Winner - Tiffany Mack-Mohammad
  • August Raffle Winner - Lisa Millar


2019 Monthly Raffle Winners 

• January Raffle Winner- Carmen Ortiz
• February Raffle Winner- Jennifer Arroyo
• March Raffle Winner - Seleida Carrero
• April Raffle Winner - Samantha Kabat
• May Raffle Winner -Debra Vicchelli
• June Raffle Winner -Araine Still
• July Raffle Winner - Michele Bean
• August Raffle Winner- Linda Lechowicz
• September Raffle Winner - Jennifer Peddle
• October Raffle Winner - Martin Cardona
• November Raffle Winner - Margaret Paquette
• December Raffle Winner - Terri Wyman

What programs are part of the raffle program?

Raffle-eligible programs include:
• WebMD My Health Assistant Tracker
Achieve any My Health Assistant goal by completing the set number of tracker entries for that particular goal and earn 100 Points and 1 raffle entry for each goal achieved!  You can work on goals related to Exercise, Nutrition, Positive Mood, Stress, Quit Tobacco, Weight Loss, or Managing Health Conditions; Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease.
• WebMD Health Coaching:
Each time you complete a coaching session, you earn 100 points and 1 raffle entry!
• meQuilibrium
Each time you complete a skill bundle and earn a Gold Badge, you earn 100 points and 1 raffle entry!
• WebMD Online Challenge
Complete the requirements for a WebMD health-based challenge (i.e. “The Invitational”, “Keep it Real”, etc.) and earn 100 points! 
• WebMD Health Questionnaire
Complete the annual questionnaire and earn 1 entry.  (*If completed before 3/31/19, you earn 5 entries!) 
• Physician Screening Results Form
Submit a fully completed Physician Screening Results form and earn 200 points and 2 entries into the raffle.  (entry is not dependent on your biometric results.)