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Education Requirements

In order to ensure that research is being conducted ethically and following all regulations, all study members of human subjects’ research teams are required to complete Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) online training. Before submitting a project package in IRBNet, you must have your CITI certification completed. Please see Education Requirements to review the CITI requirements as well as other required trainings such as SAF-T-Pak.

Education Tools

In preparing your research study or IRBNet application, you may have some questions about the process; what category would this fall under, or what happens after I click submit? While we have a research community meeting monthly where we hope to answer your questions, we understand you may not always be able to attend. We created a page dedicated to the most current tools we have available to assist you with everything from creating an initial package to submitting a study closure and everything in between. Please see Education Tools to review our PowerPoints, guides, and recorded research community meetings.

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