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Academic Week 2014

Cultivating Research and Education in an Era of Limited Resources

2014 Academic Week Keynote

Standing Room Only at the Keynote Address on Evolving Health Information
Technology's Effect on Educating Healthcare Learners

Award Winners

Jim LaneExcellence in Teaching Award

This award recognizes an employee who have made significant contributions towards engaging and motivating learners. 

  • James Lane, BS, MT (ASCP)
    Lead Medical Technologist, Transfusion Medicine

Honorable Mentions: Raquel Belforti DO, Assistant Program Director of the Internal Medicine residency and Director of Internal Medicine Simulation Training, Neal Seymour MD, Chief of the General Surgery Division, and Richard Wait MD, PhD, Chair, Department of Surgery.

Susan Garrow-SloanAward for Outstanding Achievements in Clinical Research

This award recognizes the outstanding contribution of a research staff member to either the conduct of clinical research within Baystate or to the field.

  • Susan Garrow-Sloan, RN, BSN, CCRC
    Clinical Research Coordinator, Pediatric Endocrinology

Honorable Mentions: Reva Kleppel MSW, MPHD, Research Consultant, Department of Internal Medicine and Mary Gervasini BA, CCRP, Clinical Research Corrdinator, Department of Pediatrics.

2014 Academic Week Poster Reception
Dr. Niraj Karki, Infectious Disease Fellow, and Dr. Doug Salvador, Division of Healthcare Quality, Discuss an Abstract  at the Poster Reception

Abstract Recognition

All recognized abstracts are included in the 2014 Academic Week Program booklet (986 KB pdf).

Academic Half Day: An Old Bottle, But New Wine

  • Raquel Belforti DO, Assistant Program Director of the Internal Medicine residency and Director of Internal Medicine Simulation Training
  • Lauren Meade, MD
  • Ania Stepczynski, MD
  • Jorge Velez, MD
  • Michael Picchioni, MD
  • Sam Borden, MD
  • Brendan Kelly, MD
  • Reham Shaaban, DO
  • Chris Bryson, MD
  • Sudeep Aulakh, MD
  • Gina Luciano, MD
  • Michael Rosenblum, MD

abstract selected for presentationAndroid Application-based Educational Tool to Improve Cost-conscious Care Among Internal Medicine Residents

  • Auras Atreya MD, PGY3 Internal Medicine Resident
  • Behdad Besharatian, MD
  • Stefano Buccy,
  • Thomas Higgins, MD, MBA

This abstract was selected for presentation.

Burn Wound Disinfection with Pulsed Electric Fields in the Murine Model

  • Saiqa Khan, MD, Surgery Residency Research Lab
  • Alexanmder Golberg, PhD, G. Felix Broelsch, MD
  • Daniela Vecchio, PhD
  • Michael Hamblin, PhD
  • Robert Sheridan, MD
  • Martin Yarmush, MD, PhD
  • William Austen Jr, MD

Clinical Outcomes of Transferred vs. Onsite Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Patients with ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction-The Need to Look Beyond Door to Balloon Time

  • Jaya Mallidi, MD, Cardiovascular Disease Fellow
  • Daniel Fisher, MD
  • Kurt Barringhaus, MD
  • Aaron Kugelmass, MD
  • Paul Visintainer, PhD
  • Amir Lotfi, MD

abstract selected for presentationDevelopment of a Tool to Guide Consistency and Rigor in Resident Scholarship Selected for Abstract Presentation

  • Rebecca Blanchard, PhD, Director, Medical Education and Research
  • Paul Visintainer, PhD
  • Kevin Hinchey, MD
  • Jeffrey La Rochelle, MD, MPH

This abstract was selected for presentation.

abstract selected for presentationEffect of Massachusetts' Graduated Driver Licensing System on Adolescent Motor Vehicle Crashes Selected for Abstract Presentation

  • Michael Flaherty, DO, PGY3 Pediatrics Resident
  • Jane Garb, MS
  • Nancy Miller, MD
  • Laura Koenigs, MD

This abstract was selected for presentation.

Engaging Nurses in the "Art of Questioning"

  • Maripat Toye, RN, MS, Research Coordinator, Department of Pediatrics
  • Deborah Naglieri-Prescod, PhD
  • Cidalia Vital, RN
  • Shirley Hamill, RN
  • Gina St. Jean, RN
  • Teresa Connolly, RN
  • Cathleen Maxwell
  • Meg Beturne, RN
  • Jeanne Gagliarducci, RN
  • Joan Roche, RN

Enhancing Physician Resiliency and Improving Patient-centered Care

  • Robert Smith, DO, Faculty, Family Medicine
  • Michael Picchioni, MD
  • Harry Hoar III, MD
  • Steven Fischel, MD

Healthcare Providers' Knowledge of Different Diets and Dietary Advice Provided to Patients

  • Sonali Arora, MD, Cardiovascular Disease Fellow
  • Auras Atreya, MD
  • Reva Kleppel, MSW, MPH
  • Jennifer Friderici, MS
  • Sarah Schramm, MD
  • Tara Lagu, MD, MPH
  • Michael Rothberg, MD, MPH

abstract selected for presentationLaryngeal Mask Airway Placement in Children Prior to an Intravenous Line Utilizing Heart Rate as an Indicator of Anesthetic Depth

  • Donald Schwartz, MD, Chief, Pediatric AnesthesiologySelected for Abstract Presentation
  • Annemarie Begley, RN
  • Charles Gibson, RN
  • Paul Visintainer, PhD
  • Neil Roy Connelly, MD

This abstract was selected for presentation.

abstract selected for presentationMeasuring the Most Functional Operating Position for Gynecologic Laparoscopy Procedures 

  • Tara Abraham, MD, MPH, PGY3 Obstetrics-Gynecology Resident
  • Stephen Grow
  • Peter St. Marie, BS
  • Ron Bush
  • Daniel Grow, MD
  • Donald Kirton, MD

This abstract was selected for presentation.

abstract selected for presentationNew EKG Criteria for Hyperkalemia in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients

  • Muzzaffar Hussain, MD, Nephrology Fellow
  • Heather Towery, MD
  • Keith Bartolomei, MD
  • Ken Santiago, MD
  • Anthony Johnson,MD
  • James Cook, MD
  • Gregory Braden, MD

This abstract was selected for presentation.

NOTES Transgastric Ventral Hernia Repair in a Porcine Survival Model

  • Maria Mora, MD, Surgery Research Lab
  • Rebecca Kowalski, MD
  • David Desilets, MD
  • John Romanelli, MD
  • David Earle, MD

abstract selected for presentationPharmacy Availability of Ulipristal Acetate Emergency Contraception: An Audit Study 

  • Ashley Brant, DO, MPH, PGY2 Obstetrics-Gynecology Resident
  • Katharine White, MD, MPH
  • Peter St. Marie, MA

This abstract was selected for presentation.

Post-surgical Distress Following Weight Loss Surgery is Associated with Reduced Weight Loss

  • Sofija Zagarins, PhD, Faculty, Psychiatry Department
  • Nancy Allen, PhD, APRN
  • Nicole Pollard, PhD
  • Garry Welch, PhD

abstract selected for presentationQuestioning the Benefit of Immediate CT Scanning in Suspected Renal Colic: A Retrospective Chart Review of Patients Age 50 and Under Presenting with Flank Pain

  • Elizabeth Schoenfeld, MD, Clerkship Coordinator, Emergency Ultrasound
  • Tala Elia, MD
  • Gavin Budhram, MD
  • Kye Poronsky

This abstract was selected for presentation.

Restructuring the Pediatric Viral Respiratory Testing Protocols and Procedures: A QI Initiative

  • Kathryn McKenna, MD, PGY4 Medicine-Pediatrics Resident
  • Beth Carter, MD
  • Jackson Williams, MD

abstract selected for presentationResurgence of Penicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus Aureas in a US Tertiary Care Hospital, a Prevalence

  • Michael Chabot, MD, PGY3 Medicine-Pediatrics Resident
  • Julius Larioza, MD
  • Jenifer Friderici, MS
  • Mihaela Stefan, MD
  • Jennifer Schimmel, MD

This abstract was selected for presentation.

Retrograde Superior Mesenteric Artery Stenting for the Treatment of Acute-on-Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia: A Case Series

  • Syed Peeran, MD, PGY5 Surgery Resident
  • Marc Norris, MD
  • Sydney Kahn, MD
  • Sang Rhee, MD
  • Neal Hadro, MD

Rhodiola Crenulata Extract: A Novel Therpay for High Risk Neuroblastoma

  • Kaitlyn Wong, MD, MPH, Surgery Research Lab
  • Maria Carmen Mora MD
  • Sallie Schneider, PhD
  • Kevin Moriarty, MD
  • Richard Arenas, MD
  • Michael Tirabassi, MD