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Doctoring and Clinical Skills-PURCH (DCS-P)

Course Overview

DCS-P provides a solid foundation in your first two years of medical school as you begin forming your professional identity as a doctor.

This mentored, skills-based curriculum develops the skills to interact with, examine, diagnose, treat, and educate patients about their diseases and their treatments, and to bring the PURCH principles into your professional identity as a student, a citizen, and a physician.

DCS-P also emphasizes the impact of social determinants of health, social history, community influences, and resources, on disease processes.

This class is taught by core DCS-P faculty from Baystate Health and Brightwood Learning Community mentors with whom you will form long-term relationships throughout all four years of medical school.

Includes: Physical Diagnosis (PD) & Longitudinal Preceptor Program (LPP)

Course Details

Year 1: Experiencing Patients and Their Communities (DCS1-P)

Our curriculum builds on the core UMMS DCS1 course by focusing on patient-centered healthcare delivery, weaving these 5 threads throughout.

  1. The Story—Discussion with members of our community on their experiences of illness and disease
  2. The Community—Visits to a local homeless shelter and jail to understand the impact of community on disease
  3. Healthcare Quality—Identify and impact healthcare disparities through a quality improvement lens
  4. The Patient—Discussions with a variety of patient populations, such as rural clinic, inner-city clinic, inpatients, military veterans
  5. The Diagnostician—An innovative clinical reasoning curriculum will be woven throughout all the teachings in the DCS1-PURCH course.

Year 2: Engaging with Patients and Clinicians in the Hospital (DCS2-P)

This course focuses on building upon the interview and physical examination skills learned in your first year through a series of observed hospital-based patient interview experiences at Baystate Medical Center.

As in the core UMMS DCS2 course, in year 2 you will participate in ten hospital sessions with patients who may have a variety of disease processes such as cardiac, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and neurological conditions. You will take the interview, write up notes, observe peers, and make oral presentations.

Our DCS2-P course also includes a series of mini-lectures—designed by a PURCH student—focused on social and community programs, so that PURCH students begin to understand the resources available to their patients.