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Core Clinical Experiences-PURCH (CCE-P)

In CCE-PURCH during your third year, you will apply the knowledge and skills gained in your first two years under the supervision and guidance of our faculty. As an active member of a health care team in a hospital, community clinic, or physician office you will be taking on greater responsibility for direct patient care.

You have the option of completing the traditional core CCEs or applying to PURCH's Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) which focuses on the healthcare needs of rural under-served communities.

Required Clerkships

Clerkships are organized into three 16-week thematic blocks.

Care of the Adult

  • Internal Medicine
    Clerkship Director: Michael Picchioni, MD
  • Neurology
    Clerkship Director: Philip Hsu, MD

Care of the Family

  • Family Medicine
    Clerkship Director: Stephanie Silverman, MD
  • Pediatrics
    Clerkship Director: Christine Marrese, MD
  • Psychiatry
    Clerkship Director: Sonia Riyaz, MD

Perioperative and Maternal Care

  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
    Clerkship Director: Halina Wiczyk, MD
  • Surgery
    Clerkship Director: Gladys Fernandez, MD

More information about Core Clinical Experiences on the UMass Medical School website.

Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC)

You will have the option of enrolling in PURCH's Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) based at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, a small rural community hospital in Greenfield.

The LIC will accept 4-6 students each year, and is geared to students who are seeking rural health experiences focused on the under-served small towns of rural Massachusetts.

Enrollment in the LIC is voluntary. If you do not participate in the LIC, your Core Clinical Experiences will be based at Baystate Medical Center, located in the urban under-served area of Springfield. They will follow the same format used at the main campus.

Read about Baystate Franklin and our other training sites.

Flexible Clinical Experiences

You will have opportunities to participate in a variety of flexible clinical experiences throughout your third year.

This multidisciplinary learning program is self-directed in that you can choose from a diverse offering of pre-designed experiences.

Students and Baystate faculty also have the ability to create a designer FCE (via UMMS website)—a novel, innovative educational experience to explore a passion, interest, or curiosity. This can be clinical or non-clinical (e.g. education, community service).


The Interstitial Curriculum is shared between the two campuses.

It will incorporate the “Becoming A Physician” curriculum, led by Learning Community Mentors, and will follow three main themes of: Advocacy, Professional Identity, and Teamwork. Many Interstitials will incorporate interprofessional learners, and will be facilitated by providers from a variety of departments.