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SU-408 Colorectal Surgery Elective

Director:  Kelly Tyler, MD

Location:   759 Chestnut Street, Springfield


This elective will familiarize the student with common colorectal and anorectal disorders and the surgical treatment of those disorders.  Additionally, the student will develop skills in abdominal and anorectal physical examination.


The student will...

  • understand Colon and Rectal Cancer, staging, and the surgeries performed to treat Colorectal cancer.
  • observe and participate in office procedures and surgeries for common anorectal disorders.
  • understand other diseases affecting the colon such as colitis, diverticulitis, constipation, and how they are managed both conservatively and surgically.
  • attend Colorectal Clinic and gain experience in the outpatient management of many colorectal/anorectal disorders.
  • understand how to perform a thorough abdominal and anorectal examination.

Course Number



4 weeks

Hours per Week


Night Call/Weekends

2 night calls
1 weekend


2 student per Block

Alternate Dates

Yes, at discretion of
The Director



On-Campus Housing

Available on a first-come, first-served basis

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Medicine and Surgery Clerkships.

If you would like to apply for this elective, please refer to Application Process.