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Internal Medicine Residents

Everybody wants to know what to expect in residency. Learn more about our program from those who know.

Hear From Our Chief Residents

Our chief residents explain why they are excited about our residency and talk about their goals for the year.

Quality of Life

We recognize that residency can be a time of stress.

  • We have designed our programs to respect the quality of life of our residents.

Meet Our Residents

Our residents tell you about themselves, and their interests and aspirations.

PG1 Residents

Dr. Maya Abdallah Maya Abdallah MD

University of Balamand Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences

Hi, I’m Maya! I was born in Los Angeles and moved to Beirut when I was in middle school. I attended the American University of Beirut where I received a BA in Psychology and minor Biology. After undergrad, I knew I wanted a career in healthcare, so med school was my goal! By the time I was half way through my clinical training years, I knew I wanted to pursue a residency in internal medicine.

When it came to figuring out where I wanted to train, I knew it would be the icy New England area because my friends and relatives in the US happen to have settled around there. So even though I’ve spent the majority of my life in sunny cities (with beautiful sandy shores), I was excited to find my perfect fit: Baystate! When I interviewed at Baystate, everyone I met seemed so outgoing and friendly. I was already excited about everything the Baystate IM program offered academically speaking, so meeting the team really just made my decision that much easier.

Apart from medicine, my absolute pastime is to cozy up to a book in a quiet café. I learned scuba-diving a couple years ago and I loved it, so ever since then I’ve been trying to enjoy more outdoorsy activities, including skiing (which turned out to be a lot harder than it looks). I love animals (especially cats), coffee, chocolate and traveling. Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m known to be (very) talkative.

So I guess that sums everything up, if you have any questions do feel free to ask for my contact details!

Dr. Hassaan Bin Aftab Hassaan Bin Aftab MD

Aga Khan University Medical College

Hassaan graduated from the Aga Khan University along with his wife; Bushra Zia, MD. His passion for internal medicine is almost equaled by his love for sports. He enjoys playing and watching soccer, spending time with family and friends, movies, travel, reading, teaching and art. 


Dr. Krishna AgarwalKrishna Agarwal MD

Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital

Hi everyone! I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. I have practically lived my entire life in that vibrant city and also trained at Safdarjung Hospital - one of the oldest and largest public hospital in Asia! Growing up, I enjoyed a lot of activities, from dramatics to singing, horseback riding, snorkeling and so on, but theatre continues to draw and inspire me the most!

I spent a few months rotating in Boston during medical school and fell in love with New England. I was then blessed to be able to pursue a Research Fellowship at Harvard Medical School. My love for the beautiful New England blossomed during this time, and was one of the reasons I was initially drawn to Baystate – what better city to train than the 'City of Firsts'!

Before interviewing at Baystate Health, I was most fascinated by the innovative training program. However, after the pleasant interview day, I got many more reasons to love this program. The most important being the people. The excellent camaraderie was palpable; the residents wanted us to know as much as possible about the program and about them. There were no inhibitions, everyone was just so natural and friendly.

I am very happy to be finally joining Baystate and looking forward to an exciting time in Western Mass!

Dr. Joshua Allgaier Joshua Allgaier DO

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Joshua is a graduated from Brandeis University with a BS in biology. He enjoys intellectual challenges and thrives when immersed in other cultures. He appreciates athletic competition and has a lot of energy to go around. Joshua’s hobbies include triathlons, running swimming, biking and travel. 


Dr. Prarthna Bhardwaj Prarthna Bhardwaj MD

J.J.M. Medical College, Davangere

Born, raised and educated in Bangalore (The Silicon Valley of India), I consider myself Indian at heart and global in my thoughts. I love making sense of stories, reconstructing narratives of people who come to me for help and inserting myself into the plot in a way such that I can make a difference. This is why I believe I have found my calling in Internal Medicine. What made Baystate my top choice? Simple - how incredibly happy the residents were and the immense pride they took in their program. The staff and faculty truly care about their residents (and the potential ones too!).That my fiancé is joining Baystate as a hospitalist was an added bonus. I couldn’t be happier to make Baystate my home for the next few years.

In my alternate life, I am a trained Carnatic Music Vocalist (an Indian classical form) and enjoy playing a good game of basketball! I am forever on the hunt for good veggie biryani (Ping me if you find some!) I fancy myself to be an avid reader and hope to continue this reading streak during residency.

Over the years, I have been humbled by the disparity in health care over various regions and I am committed to narrowing this gap in the future. Although I have an embryonic interest in Oncology, I am eager to find out where residency will take me.

I am super stoked to join my diverse (and how!!) class this summer and begin my residency training in a program that stands out for its unique teaching model and strives continually for academic and administrative excellence!

Dr. Anna ClarkeAnna Clarke MD

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University

I’m joining the Baystate team from the rolling hills of West Virginia, where I went to medical school at Marshall University. I grew up in WV, but I left for a bit to earn my BA in European Cultural Studies at Brandeis University. While at Brandeis, I discovered my love for medicine, the humanities, and New England.

When I’m not practicing medicine or catching up on some European Classics, you’ll probably find me checking out some local cuisine or attempting to create a new dish in my kitchen. I love trying dishes from different places around the world and sharing great food with friends.

Before applying for residency, I was encouraged to make a list of the main things I was looking for in a program. Top of my list was a friendly atmosphere. Followed by exposure to diverse pathologies, opportunities for research, and the option to practice medicine abroad. Baystate has all of this and much more. Baystate has a staff and a faculty highly committed to excellence, and they inspire the same from their residents. Overall, I was extremely impressed when I visited and I am very excited to be a part of the Baystate community. 

Dr. Anna Filshtinsky Anya Filshtinsky MD

St. George's University School of Medicine

Anya did her undergraduate UMass-Amherst where she earned a BS in biology with a minor in Music (vocal performance. She enjoys reading and pursuing outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Anya’s is interested in Hematology-Oncology. 


Dr. Kyle Gobeil Kyle Gobeil DO

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Hello all! My name is Kyle Gobeil, I hail from the great state of Maine and was born and raised in the town in which I eventually attended medical school, Biddeford, ME. After high school, I spent the majority of my time in Massachusetts completing my undergraduate degree at Merrimack College and later my graduate degree at Boston University. While at BU, I also worked with US Army in their Environmental Medicine Research laboratory studying heat related illnesses. My wife and I are both looking forward to returning back to Massachusetts (where we met) and experiencing what the western part of Massachusetts has to offer.

I am so grateful having the opportunity to train at Baystate. I was initially drawn to Baystate after I was lucky enough to rotate here during my fourth year of medical school. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the residents and the comradery amongst them. Throughout the interview process I found myself continually reflecting back on my time Baystate realizing nothing measured up to my experience while here. What I liked most was the commitment of the program director to constant innovation within the program and the receptiveness to resident input. Essentially, I feel in love with community at Baystate and the people within it.

During my spare time I enjoy playing and watching sports, namely the New England Patriots and Montreal Canadiens (not very popular around these parts). I played ice hockey growing up and still actively play in local men’s leagues. I also routinely play tennis, squash, and racquetball, basically, any racket sport. 

Dr. Alexander Hrycko Alexander Hrycko MD

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland School of Medicine

Alex was born in Ontario, Canada and completed his undergraduate studies at Western University in Ontario. His interests include high-level competitive golf, and has competed in amateur tournaments in the US, Canada and Asia. Alex’s future interests are in Infectious Disease.


Dr. Osama Kandalaft Osama Kandalaft MD

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland School of Medicine

Hey Everyone! My name is Osama and I was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. I made my move to Dublin, Ireland and studied at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons Ireland) for medical school. I would definitely say that I’m an outdoors person, and always took advantage of exploring Ireland whenever I could, despite the constant rain! So, it’s safe to say that I’m really looking forward to hiking, kayaking, camping in the spring and summer and snowboarding in the wintertime! A really big hobby of mine, one I hope to continue, is performing live as a guitarist and vocalist. I’m also a huge fan of traveling. After graduation, I worked as an intern for one year in Dublin in Saint James’ Hospital, and then decided it was about time to make my move to the States! So I involved myself in one year of research as a fellow in neuroscience at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and managed to score a certificate in applied biostatistics (I don't know how excited I actually am about that degree, but it’s something!).Throughout my year in Boston, and getting ready to apply for the match, I always knew that Baystate Hospital was the place I was most drawn to! If the interns’ overall happiness with the program wasn’t enough to go by, the staff’s friendliness and hospitality is the cherry on top. All in all, I’m very excited to start this year and looking forward to meeting you all! 

Dr. Alexander Ly Alexander Ly DO

Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine

Alex was born in San Diego, and attended University of California- Irvine and studied biological sciences. He will be coming to Baystate from a Family Medicine residency at Orange Regional Medical Center in New York. His interests include snowboarding, tennis and fishing. He is interested in GI as a career. Alex is married to Christina Ly, DO an Anesthesia resident and they have a baby girl.


Dr. Charles Ma Charles Ma MD

University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Charles was born in China and graduated Cornell University with a BS in biological studies. Charles’ interests include learning about global health, traveling the world, exploring other cultures, volleyball, and the outdoors. Charlie is interested in Palliative Care, Geriatrics and Endocrine.


Dr. Roderick MacDonald Roderick MacDonald MD

University College Cork School of Medicine

Roderick was born in Vancouver and received his BS from the University of British Columbia. He has a keen interest in sports and is currently plays competitive rugby in the All Ireland league. He also enjoys hiking, cycling, canoeing/kayaking, and cooking- especially spicy Asian food.


Dr. Katherine Markelz Katherine Markelz DO

Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, Pomona Campus

Katie is from Fairfield, CT and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with BA in Biological Basis of Behavior and a minor in Nutrition, along with a certificate in Spanish. She was selected to spend an extra year of medical school working with the Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Department teaching osteopathic principles and procedures to 1st & 2nd year medical students. She enjoys hiking, yoga, skiing and spending time with her husband, dog, family and friends. Katie is interested in Pulmonary Critical Care.


Dr. Dermot Murphy Dermot Murphy MD

University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School

Dermot was born and raised in Ireland. He graduated with a BA in English and History at the University of Limerick. He enjoys literature and history, classical music, spending time with his family and friends, cycling, reading, playing soccer and following the English Premiership Soccer league. Dermot is interested in a future career in nephrology.


Dr. Anthony Nicolas Anthony Nicolas MD

University of Balamand Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences

I was born in Virginia where I spent my early years before moving to Lebanon with my family. Growing up between two countries gave me a unique perspective on life and the bonds we form with people from all kinds of backgrounds. I come from a family of musicians, which allowed me to develop a highly eclectic taste in music that includes classical, musical theater, blues, classic rock and heavy metal. I also discovered a deep passion for the guitar at an early age, and to this day it remains my preferred tool of self-expression.

Other interests of mine include science fiction, sports, reading, world cuisine, spending time with family and friends, and I am usually at my happiest when travelling the world with my wife.

I have always had a fascination with New England and had long hoped to pursue my medical career here. My interview at Baystate solidified my interest in the program after getting to experience a level of camaraderie and team spirit that I found truly unique. My medical interests include rheumatology and primary care, and I am very excited to start working at such a beautiful place with such warm and genuine people.

Dr. William Wyman William Wyman DO

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

I have lived in New England for most of my life. I went to the University of New Hampshire for undergrad and University of New England for medical school. Before deciding to go into medicine I worked in human resources for several years. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible. I love to hike, run, kayak, and explore. I also love classical music and spend a lot of time playing the violin and the piano. I am really looking forward to residency at Baystate and am thrilled to be staying in New England!

Dr. Bushra Zia Bushra Zia MD

Aga Khan University Medical College

Hi my name is Bushra. Feel free to call me B if you prefer; all my friends do! I come from Pakistan which is some 12000 miles from here. Don’t miss the spring season if you plan to visit! I am joining the Baystate Internal Medicine family with my husband, Hassaan - scroll for his profile. We chose Baystate our home away from home for the next three years (and more I hope) straight up because of the effortless camaraderie amongst the residents and faculty. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to rotate here during medical school, however on the interview day it was immediately evident that the people working here are happier than most of the other places I had seen. The program its people and the place felt a perfect fit for me! I love spending my free time reading books, browsing through Quora and binge-watching Friends (guilty pleasure). Looking forward to becoming an excellent physician, making new friends and exploring new places!

PG2 Residents

Dr. Mark Abel

Mark Abel MD

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

Mark was born in Lahore, Pakistan. While attending RCSI, he was a member of the school debating society, serving as its president, and leading them to win the society of the year award. Mark also represented the college at numerous intervarsity debating competitions across Ireland, in the UK and the Netherlands. He was founding member of the bioethics society, a forum for discussion ethical issues of interest to students. His hobbies include reading, debating, politics, hockey, & music.

Dr. Amulya Amirneni

Amulya Amirneni MD

N.R.I. Medical College Guntur

Amulya was born in India and moved to Virginia with her family as a young child. At the advice of her father, she returned to India where she attended medical school to develop a better understanding of the values and culture she came from. She actively participated in a wide-range of extra-curricular activities, volunteered in the Pulse Polio Program and in multiple medical camps in rural villages. She was known for organizing & participating in multiple cultural events such as semi-classical dance performances. She was chosen by peers to represent her class and give their commencement speech at graduation. Amulya’s interests outside of medicine are semi-classical Indian dance, fusion cooking, scrapbooking, interior design, & shopping. 

Dr. Philip Brandt

Philip Brandt MD 

Jagiellonian University Medical College

Born and raised in Australia, Philip did his undergraduate studies at the University of Sydney and had a leadership role as president of the Sydney Medical Science Society. He matriculated into Jagiellonian University in Poland graduating near the top of his class. During medical school his research revolved around designing & performing experiments with persons in opioid treatment programs & other drug reactions as well as molecular research on colorectal cancer. He future interests are Heme-Onc and hospital medicine. Philip is fluent in Polish and his hobbies are skiing, free diving & running. 

Dr. Matthew Burdette

Matthew Burdette DO 

Univ of New England College of Osteopathic Med

Matt earned a BA in German, with a minor in Business Administration at the University of New Hampshire. Subsequently, he also worked for the US Dept of State in Passport Services and volunteered as an EMT & emergency medical technician in southern New Hampshire. During medical school, he was active in the community; he sang in a cappella group and organized a fundraising drive for the Biddeford Free Clinic. He enjoys farming & raising livestock and his leisure activities include hiking, skiing, playing piano, & woodworking. Matt is fluent in German & French. 

Dr. Woon Chong

Woon Chong MD 

NUI Galway School of Medicine

Woon was born and raised in Malaysia. He matriculated to University of Ireland-Galway where he participated in a self-funded foundation dedicated to fighting heart disease & stroke in the region. He also served as a member of International Medical Student Society providing cultural awareness and provided counseling & guidance to those in need. His research interests in Ki 67 evaluation of breast cancer, and strategies of counting Ki677. His outside interests include soccer, basketball, badminton, reading, fishing, ice-skating, chess, camping, & movies. 

Dr. Matthew Collins

Matthew Collins MD 

University College Cork School of Medicine

Matthew grew up in Ontario and did his undergraduate at Western University London, Ontario and received a bachelor of science degree in physiology. Matthew enjoys coaching boys youth football and was an assistant coach for a boys’ soccer team. During medical school, like his father before him, he developed a career interest in Gastroenterology; other interests include soccer, American football, crossfit, music, cooking and traveling. 

Dillingham ChristineChristine Dillingham MD

Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Hi, I’m Christine! I was born in Pittsfield, MA, however grew up in sunny Sarasota, Fl. Though I lived in an area of sunshine and beaches, I spent the majority of my time either in a dance studio or in an ice skating rink (yes, they do exist in Fl ). I love figure skating, which inadvertently, is how I initially developed an interest in medicine- through coaching skating for the Special Olympics! My students taught me so much about compassion, determination, joy, and not being limited by physical or mental ailments, that I was completely inspired and ignited to pursue medicine. I went to the University of South Florida where I was a double-major in BioMedical Sciences and Psychology. I then went on to medical school at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. While in NC, in addition to hiking and picnicking on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I also embarked on undertaking a new genera of dance-Swing, which eventually morphed into the almost full ballroom dance experience with Cha Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Rumba, and Merengue. I subsequently danced (or pranced) my way down to Tampa, FL to complete my first year of Internal Medicine residency at USF. Though my experience at USF has been invaluable, I will be relocating to MA as my husband will be doing a fellowship in Ophthalmology. I couldn’t be more excited and blessed to be joining the Baystate family and moving back close to my original roots! I cannot wait to meet everyone, and am really looking forward to ice hockey (so I’ll need to sharpen my figure skates ) on a real frozen lake as well as skiing! Needless to say, if there’s some form of water involved, I’m there!

Dr. Omar El Kawkgi

Omar El Kawkgi MD 

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

Omar was born in Cairo, Egypt and grew up in Ontario into a family of physicians. He did his undergraduate at the University of Ottawa receiving A BS in biomedical Science. Omar has been involved in numerous extracurricular activities at college, such as the American & Canadian Medical Student Associations, the RCSI Medical Journal and the school’s peer led tutorial program, spending weekends tutoring his peers. He also enjoys drama, participating in community plays, theater productions, film-making, making short films and participating in amateur film festivals; soccer; technology and travel. 

Dr. Jeffrey Ho

Jeffrey Ho MD

Trinity College Dublin School of Medicine

Jeffrey graduated from the University of Toronto with a BS in neuroscience. During medical school, Jeffrey has also worked on several research projects: “Demographic factors predicting retention in methadone maintenance treatment” and was submitted for review to the Irish Journal of Medical Science in March 2014. Jeff balances his life with a range of volunteering and extra-curricular activities to include involvement in the local church, reading current events, history, and fiction. He enjoys to swim, cycling, tennis, squash, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee. 

Dr. Spencer Hodgins

Spencer Hodgins MD

University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School

Born and raised in Toronto, Spencer comes to us from the University of Limerick in Ireland. Spencer did his undergraduate at Queen’s University in Canada and received a BS in biology. Spencer was involved in the UL Medical Society as Treasurer helping with events such as the large annual charity ball. His hobbies are golf, fly-fishing, exercise, singing acapella, and playing the guitar. 

Dr. Will Jaffee

Will Jaffee DO 

Nova Southeastern Univ College of Osteo Med

Will grew up in Newton, MA. He did his undergraduate at Oberlin college in Ohio in Philosophy. In his years after college he was leading 21 day trips on the Appalachian Trail and New River in VA during the summer, while teaching and coaching at a New England boarding school. These experiences, among others, lead him to go back to school and become a physician. Some of Will’s hobbies are live music, writing, singing, running/hiking, bioethics, fixed gear biking, amateur astronomy and microscopy, coffee/espresso enthusiasm! 

Dr. Fotis Katsikeris

Fotis Katsikeris MD

Univ College Dublin School of Medicine

Fotis was born in Toronto, Canada. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK) with a BE in Electrical and Electronic Engineering where he was President of the Engineering Society. He has a keen interest in cardiology. Fotis is completing an internship at Trinity College Dublin. As a medical student, he spent some time as a research assistant at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. Fotis speaks Greek, and his hobbies include cooking, scuba diving, Crossfit, hiking, bowling and cooking (he loves it so much he put it twice!). 

Dr. Asad Khan

Asad Khan MD 

Aga Khan University Medical College

Asad was born in Karachi, Pakistan. As part of his graduation, he was peer-selected to deliver the speech at awards night on behalf of the medical college’s graduating class. He was also honored during the convocation ceremonies for individual involvement in helping to acquire ASPIRE accreditation for the University. During his medical training, he founded and ran ‘Varsity Merchandise,’ a small part-time business that supplied university merchandise to major universities across Karachi. Asad was an actor in Karachi’s first ever musical, ‘The Producers.’ His hobbies and interests include public speaking, athletics (track and field, basketball, volleyball), cooking, acting in stage plays, and amateur filmmaking and photoshop editing. Asad couples matched with one of our other new interns, Eesha Khan. 

Dr. Eesha Khan

Eesha Khan MD

Aga Khan University Medical College

Eesha was born in Karchi, Pakistan. During med school, she received the Honors Award for Outstanding Performance in Microbiology. Eesha thoroughly enjoys teaching and she has been teaching first and second year medical students at the Aga Khan University in the Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences. She enjoys doing research in Cardiovascular medicine with her future interests being inclined towards Cardiology. Eesha enjoys good music, art museums, yoga, swimming and reading. Eesha couples matched with Asad Khan. 

Milyani Raneem

Raneem Milyani MD 

King Saud University Riyadh College of Medicine

Raneem grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During her medical training, she was Coordinator of Member and Volunteer Affairs for the University’s Health Education Project. This project helped educate patients, visitors and the community about the human body and wellbeing. She is currently a Postdoctoral Clinical Research Fellow in the Cardiology Department at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and involved in the Harvard Catalyst Biostatistical Program at the Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center. She enjoys cooking Mediterranean and Italian food, traveling and teaching. Raneem’s husband Ebaa Jastaniah is a Pediatric Resident here at Baystate. 

Dr. Kostas Papamarkakis

Kostas Papamarkakis MD 

Tufts University School of Medicine

Kostas was born in Springfield, MA. He completed his undergraduate studies at Northeastern University, where he received a BS in Biology and Health Sciences. While in medical school, Kostas received the prestigious Frederick and Bernadette Stohlman Research Fellowship, and pursued two projects- one at the Molecular Oncology Research Institute at Tufts Medical Center, and one in the departments of Pathology and Ophthalmology at Tufts. Kostas volunteered at the Floating Hospital for Children as well as the Sharewood Free Healthcare Organization during his time at Tufts. Kostas’ interests outside of medicine include Greek folk dancing, sign language, and fine art, amongst others. 

Dr. Sravani Penumarty

Sravani Penumarty MD

J.J.M. Medical College Davangere

Sravani was born in Hyderabad, India and currently resides in Corona, California. She completed her medical training at JJM Medical College, where she also completed a one year compulsory rotary internship. Sravani participated in the WHO and government of India sponsored “National Pulse Polio Immunization” program during her medical training. She has been working as a volunteer for a research program at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Biomedical Research Institute. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, bicycle riding, Indian dance (which she has won awards for) and traditional Indian clothes design. 

Dr. Riffat Sabir

Riffat Sabir MD 

Lahore Medical and Dental College

Dr. Shazia Samanani

Shazia Samanani MD 

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

Shazia was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. During her medical training, she was a member of the Medical Protection Society, a Board Member of both the Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine Societies, and was also a USMLE tutor. Shazia won second place at the International Conference for Healthcare and Medical Students for her presentation on Inhibitors of Microglia and Neuroinflammation in Multiple Sclerosis. Shazia has been a volunteer for many organizations. In her free time she enjoys running, ballet and contemporary dancing, traveling, teaching, and many other hobbies. 

Dr. Ali Shami

Ali Shami MD

University College Cork School of Medicine

Ali was born in Pakistan, and completed his undergraduate education at McMaster University in Ontario. During his medical training, he was awarded the College Scholar title, and participated in multiple Gastroenterology research projects. Ali won the “Hometown Hero” award in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario for his volunteer service at the Salvation Army teaching literacy to individuals with mental and functional disabilities. Ali’s interests include Badminton, soccer and music- both music history and playing the piano. 

Sharma Neha

Neha Sharma DO 

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Erie

Neha was born in Staten Island, NY and graduated from Stony Brook University, where she received a BS in Biology. Prior to medical school, Neha was a clinical research assistant at Maimonides Cancer Center in Brooklyn and assisted on a project titled “Expression of BC200 RNA in Peripheral Blood of Breast Cancer Patients.” She is a member of the American Osteopathic Association and the Student American Academy of Osteopathy. In her spare time Neha enjoys reading nonfiction text about sociocultural and political philosophical issues, as well as many different mediums of art. 

Dr. Lincoln Tirpaeck

Lincoln Tirpaeck DO

Univ of New England College of Osteopathic Med

Lincoln is a native New Englander, born in Providence, RI. He received a BS in Neuroscience from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. During medical school, he received the UNECOM Alumni Association Scholarship and was a teaching assistant for the first year Osteopathic Manipulation lab, was President of the Student Radiology Association, and Vice President of the Neurology/Psychiatry Club. Lincoln enjoys fishing (both fly and reel) and hiking in his spare time. His wife Heather will be joining the Pediatrics residency as well.

PG3 Residents

Nitesh Ainani, MD

B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad

Dr. Nitesh AinaniI was born and raised in India. I completed all my education including my medical school from India. Before I entered high school, there was a worldwide revolution in the field of Computers and Information Technology. As a young boy I was also attracted towards this rapidly growing industry and wanted to build my carrier in this field. However, it was during high school when I realized that my true interest was in Health Sciences. Biology and Human physiology attracted me the most and I decided to join Medical School. I joined BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad and soon discovered my interest in Internal Medicine. As I have many family members in the US including my brother, I decided to do my residency from this great country. Finding a residency spot 7000 miles from home was equally challenging and rewarding. The entire experience from doing elective rotations to residency interviews has taught me a great deal. I had heard about Baystate from my friends & seniors who have been here in the past. I received excellent reviews about the program, particularly about the innovative approach in resident training. Massachusetts is a very rich state academically and so is Baystate. On the interview day, I was impressed with the hospital infrastructure and resources available for the overall development of a resident. The friendly and welcoming nature of the support staff and the residents made me feel comfortable. Baystate has everything I was looking for, in a training program and I am confident of achieving my career goals by being a part of the Baystate family. 

Fahd Almohid, MD

King Saud University, Riyadh College of Medicine

Dr. Fahd AlmohidBeing the only healthy child in my family, much of my childhood was spent watching my brother and sister , as my parents moved us often from hospital to hospital hoping for a cure. I will never forget the day my father looked at me and said: “Son, god gave you a good brain and a healthy body for a sacred reason, and it's up to you to know how to use them both to benefit mankind.” My father’s words represented the weight on my shoulders growing up, but I now realize how it actually helped motivate me to always do better and never give up. Witnessing the suffering of others were my strongest motivations to thrive and do my best to be a great physician. So I entered the medical college at King Saudi University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Baystate Medical Center has a really unique and great learning system that facilitate and satisfies your educational needs as you progress further in your Residency training. I also like how happy and satisfied all the residents seem about the program. The environment is very friendly and professional which makes me feel just like in my home town back in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Siloe Alvarado Chittenden, MD

Dr. Siloe Alvarado Chittenden University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

I come from a beautiful island in the Caribbean Puerto Rico. I was born and raised in this tropical island filled with miles of white sandy beaches, mountains, valleys and many other natural wonders, and to make things better I found myself growing up surrounded by warm and friendly people. When I came for my Internal Medicine interview at Baystate everyone was so friendly and happy that this was one of the main reasons why I chose Baystate. It felt like a home away from home and right away I knew I would love being here. At Baystate the residents support and watch out for each other. I’m very excited that I came here! 

Ghassan Alzayer, MD

University of Dammam College of Medicine

Dr. Ghassan AlzayerMore than 10,000 Kilometers (yes we use the metric system!) separates my hometown Qatif, Saudi Arabia from Springfield, MA. I was born and raised in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and that’s where I went to medical school at University of Dammam. Growing up, I have been on multiple trips around the world which made me curious to explore other cultures and see new places. That made me decide to pursue my postgraduate training abroad to get different experiences and perspectives. After graduation, I moved to the US and lived there for some time where I was exposed to a different culture and a different healthcare system. That intrigued me enough to move these 10,000 km to get my medical training. Baystate Medical Center was definitely a great option for me. The structure of the program and the demographics of the area the hospital covers met the goals I was searching for. I’m thrilled to have joined Baystate. It’s not only a great facility but also has a big welcoming family in Internal Medicine. On my free time, I like to play sports specially soccer. And if time permits, it’s always fun to go somewhere new. 

Lissa Berroa Garcia, MD

Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Dr. Lissa Berroa GarciaI was born and raised in the tropical Caribbean island, the Dominican Republic. However, like Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen: “The cold never bothered me anyway. So, I moved to Maryland where I met the love of my life, Jose Saavedra and we “Let it Go, Let it Go…” on July 7 2012. I later moved to Puerto Rico (notice a pattern?) to pursue a medical degree. Being in warm weather, while managing long hair, can be a real issue. So, I decided to donate my hair to help pediatric cancer patients get the look they like. It is my third time donating and I look forward to recruiting others at Baystate to Smile and Donate!
I chose Baystate because, from the very first day, I felt welcome. The hospitality during the interview made me feel like this was my new home. What impressed me most was how attentive staff was with me, going out of their way to connect me with a resident that could answer my questions directly. I look forward to incorporating myself with hospital staff and the Springfield community. I feel very honored to have been selected to be part of a residency program that works toward academic and administrative excellence. 

Nicolas Cal, DO

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Nicolas CalI am Nicolas and I am originally from Uruguay, South America. After finishing high school I came to the United States to go to college in Tennessee. I then exchanged the warmth of Memphis for the cold of Maine for medical school, and I have been living in Connecticut for the past 2 years doing my 3rd and 4th year clinical rotations. I started my 4th year of medical school thinking I was going to specialize in neurosurgery or a vascular surgery, so I did a few rotations in those specialties while interviewing at different programs. With time, I realized I was directing my future career and lifestyle to a place that would not fulfill my professional or personal goals, so I decided to switch to IM! I chose Baystate Medical Center because it has most of the things I look for in a residency program; it is a well-established and well-known residency program and resident teams are culturally and ethnically diverse, and graduates pursue very interesting fellowship positions. In my free time I like being active. Soccer and tennis are the sports that I try to play consistently! I look forward to my Internal Medicine residency experience as well as to learn with and from all of you!

Jonathan Davis, MD

Jagiellonian University Medical College

Dr. Jonathan DavisI was born in Toledo, Ohio but have lived in quite a few other places throughout my life. After graduating from SUNY Geneseo, I lived in Hawaii for 6 months, and opened two restaurants for a local company. I then completed a nursing degree at the University of Rochester, where I subsequently worked as a burn/trauma ICU nurse. During this period, I also traveled extensively throughout Europe, South East Asia, New Zealand, and Australia, where I worked in a national park. Going to medical school in Europe afforded me the opportunity to live in Europe for an extended period of time, while continuing to pursue a career in medicine, which has always been my greatest ambition. While there are many wonderful reasons to come to Baystate Medical Center for residency, it was the strong connection to the program leadership, administration, and several of the current residents that was the decisive factor for me. Combined with a strong academic curriculum, the high volume and variety of a tertiary-care center, and the extracurricular opportunities of the Pioneer Valley, I am confident that training at Baystate will be a truly wonderful experience 

Gina Friedt, DO

Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Gina FriedtI grew up in Southington, CT and attended the University of Connecticut to earn a bachelor's degree in physiology and neurobiology. I then went on for a year in Boston MA to complete my masters in biomedical sciences at the Tufts School of Medicine MBS program. After Boston, I left New England to start medical school at Nova in sunny south Florida. There were many reasons why I chose Baystate Medical Center for my internal medicine residency. Of course there were many happy and confident residents to meet and talk to throughout the interview day, but the biggest draw for me was the new innovative Learner- Manager- Teacher model of curriculum. This system of resident education is definitely well matched with my personal learning style and lines up with my views of the importance of teamwork while mastering your individual roles throughout different times during our training.

Reju George, MD

St. George's University School of Medicine

Dr. Reju GeorgeI was born in Chennai, India and grew up in Chennai and Kerala, India. By the spring of 2006, I had completed high school in Chennai. Later that year, my family and I immigrated to the US and have lived in NY since. In the fall of 2006, I began my undergraduate training at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, Brooklyn, NY in Chemical and Biological engineering. As I began college, I was considering a future in medicine. Four years later, I was travelling to Newcastle, England to begin my first year of medical school with St. George’s University, Grenada, West Indies through their Global scholars program. My second year was in Grenada and I finished my clinical years back in NY. One of the most important factors in my decision to come to Baystate was the enthusiasm and happiness in the people I met there. My interview experience at Baystate was the best; I got to meet a lot of the residents and their welcoming nature made a strong impression on me. I was impressed by the hospital and the facilities and the LMT model used in residency training. I am looking forward to this great learning experience, the new friends I will make and the chance to develop myself. 

Santhi Gokaraju, MD

Mamata Medical College

Dr. Santhi GokarajuI was born in India and we moved to the United States when I was twelve. I went to Middle school in Chicago, IL and High school in Marshall, Minnesota. Science has been my passion since then. Although I excelled in biology, physics and chemistry; human anatomy and physiology fascinated me the most and channeled my thoughts & desire to choose a career in Medicine. I went to medical school in India and eventually decided to pursue a career in internal medicine. My interest in human relations was also a key in choosing internal medicine. Although I was interviewed in many programs in the Northeast and the Midwest, Baystate was the best. Baystate has the merit and the diversity for which it has been my favorite and top priority. The program's strengths including balanced work and education, the sense of optimism among the current residents are consistent with what I have been looking for in my potential training program. Indeed, I felt home with the people I met here. I am excited given the enriching opportunity at Baystate; a great place to learn and stay motivated as I move on into a new phase of life. 

Safieh Golestaneh, MD

University College Cork School of Medicine

Dr. Safieh GolestanehBeverly Crusher, the fictional character in Star Trek, solved every medical mystery that presented itself while simultaneously travelling through space in a fashionable blue ensemble. Yes, it started with Star Trek. And while zipping through space was an unrealistic goal, travelling the world wasn't. I was born and raised in California and moved to Ireland to study medicine. Studying abroad afforded me the opportunity to visit multiple countries across Europe and invest in the most life changing, positive, experience I've yet to be proud of. When the time came to return home, Baystate's program caught my eye. After multiple years of their presentations in Ireland, it was clear the program valued its international graduates. Scrolling through its list of interns reflected their pursuit in selecting individuals from a diverse background. At the pre-interview dinner and on the interview day, their welcoming nature drew me in and solidified my desire to be a part of their program. I'm proud to say, Baystate and Springfield will be my next home. 

Vikram Grewal, MD

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland School of Medicine

Dr. Vikram GrewalWhen I first meet people I usually start by telling them that I’m half Irish and half Indian. It helps explain why I have an Indian name and why I went to medical school in Ireland. That being said, I was born and raised on the east coast of the U.S. and I couldn’t be happier to call Massachusetts my new home! I am an avid soccer player and somewhat unfortunately, a huge fan of Arsenal FC, a team based in London, England. I enjoy watching and playing pretty much all sports, travelling abroad, and spending time with friends and family. I’ve lived in Ireland (my mother’s homeland) for the past 5 years and I couldn’t be happier for it. Besides getting in touch with my inner Irishness and trying to pick up an accent, I got to spend valuable time with my extended family and also made some of my best friends in the world. From very early in medical school to the day of my interview, Baystate and its faculty have always impressed me. I feel very lucky to be joining and training at one of the nation’s best healthcare systems. 

Mini Hariharan, MD

Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

Dr. Mini HariharanI was born and raised in Chennai, India a city of 20 million people. I finished my high school there and later went to Pondicherry Institute of Medical Science (PIMS) in Puducherry (the place from Life of Pi) which is a very scenic coastal French colony. I briefly practiced medicine in India, before moving to the US after marriage. For the past few years, I did clinical observership and worked as Research associate. I was able to get some publications in peer reviewed journals from my research experience. Choosing to specialize in Internal Medicine, was a natural decision to make as it suits my caring and intriguing nature. Apart from the time I am not working/reading, I love outdoor activities like running, biking, hanging around with friends and family and travelling. I have been to a few countries and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting new people, trying different cuisines and enjoying the flavor of the place. I am looking forward to my internship here, and looking forward to all the fun in the forthcoming years. 

Luke Mantle, MD

University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School

Dr. Luke MantleMy name is Luke Mantle, and I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. I studied Biochemistry and Cell Biology in Trinity College Dublin. I attended medical school in Limerick, Ireland and it was here that I met my fiancée Danielle (who is an incoming Pediatric resident at Baystate). My passions in life are spending time with my family, all types of food and watching and playing pretty much any sport. I have played rugby since the age of 8 until now. Danielle has since opened my eyes to North American sports and I have become a big fan of the Notre Dame " Fighting Irish" football and the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was having to work with a face like this that I decided my rugby days might be over. For the past year I have been working at a hospital in Dublin and look forward to beginning my career in the US and getting to know all of you at Baystate! 

Rehan Mujahid, DO

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Rehan MujahidI was born in Pakistan and raised in Saudi Arabia. After moving to United States at the age of 13, I completed High School in Queens, New York, and started undergraduate studies at York College, City University of New York. As an immigrant, I held several part time jobs throughout college to support my parents and to fund my education. After undergraduate, I took some time off working as a Biology and Chemistry tutor before starting Medical school at Touro. I chose Baystate Medical Center because of its unique environment and endless opportunities for graduating residents. My interview day was on a casual Friday which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I participated in monthly Jeopardy and observed a group of highly competent residents who were culturally diverse and had a strong academic foundation. I think Baystate provides an ideal platform to learn and grow as a physician, all in a friendly environment that I can readily fit into. Although I am hesitant moving out of New York City, I am also looking forward to all the surprises Springfield has to offer 

Alliam Regan, MD

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Dr. Alliam ReganI have come home. I was born and raised in Springfield, MA where I graduated from Springfield Central High School. I completed my undergraduate education at University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where I earned two BS’ in Biology and Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience. I learned through my rewarding work as a CNA in college that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine and focused my undergraduate studies to prepare me for medical school. After completing an additional year in research at UMass-Amherst, I matriculated into the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester in 2010. I am glad to have come full circle by returning to my hometown of Springfield, MA. What was once just my community hospital will now be my training grounds, and I could not have imagined that I would be stepping through these doors again as an internal medicine resident. Old memories come flooding back as I look forward to make new significant ones. 

Watch Alliam talk about why she is interested in primary care medicine.

Shakil Shaikh, DO

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Shakil ShaikhI was born in Hackensack, New Jersey and grew up in Edison, NJ. During middle school, my family moved to South Brunswick, NJ, where I completed high school. After high school, I went on to complete my undergraduate education at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, where I majored in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, and minored in Psychology. I knew from early on I wanted to pursue a career in medicine, and I focused my undergraduate training to prepare me for medical school. I went to medical school directly after graduation at Rowan University – School of Osteopathic Medicine (formerly known as UMDNJ-School of Osteopathic Medicine), located in Stratford, NJ. I decided to leave NJ and chose Baystate Medical Center for my residency because of the environment and culture of the Internal Medicine Program. Everyone was very nice, and I could tell by the camaraderie that the residents got along very well. The interview day was very relaxed, and the new infrastructure of the hospital, along with multiple fellowship opportunities was very attractive. In addition, being a level 1 trauma center that serves all of western MA, southern NH and VT, and northern CT, I knew my exposure to different types of pathology would be endless and I would have a great learning experience. 

Monica Thim, DO

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Monica ThimOne of my least favorite things to do is to write about myself. However, being a resourceful “millennial, ” I looked to my “helicopter parents” for advice. Of course, this turned into a session of how many funny Monica stories we can tell—like when my mother lost me in our own house for an hour when I was playing hide-and-seek or when I spent an entire day at the Boston aquarium with only one shoe. In summation, I can say that the story of my life is a bit like my favorite book as a child: The Very Hungry Caterpillar—I was just another rambunctious kid experimenting with the different flavors that life has to offer. Although I spent a majority of my life in New England, growing up as a second generation Cambodian-American in a small town in Massachusetts, learning how to bleed purple as a Holy Cross alumnus, and growing to appreciate the values of being an honoree “Main-ah” have made my life far from mundane!  I chose Baystate Medical Center because I was highly impressed by its sense of community. I wanted to work with residents who care about their work as well as each other, and my short time at Baystate thus far has very much attested for this. The supportive environment and strong academics were what solidified my decision to make Baystate my home. 

Ahmad Turk, MD

Dr. Ahmad TurkJordan University of Science and Technology Faculty of Medicine

I am a Nutella-loving, cartoons-zealous, video games enthusiast who always wanted to be a detective. Well I guess the detective part worked perfectly when I detected that Baystate Medical Center will be the perfect place for me to have my residency years in. The most magnificent thing about the place is how social and friendly people here are. I had been in the town only for several days, and that was more than enough for me to choose it over other places for such reasons, and even more. So I got to say, I’m glad I will be sharing my Nutella sandwiches and cartoon sessions with such amazing people. It will be a one of a kind of an experience 

Ritika Vankina, MD

J.J.M. Medical College, Davangere

Dr. Ritika VankinaFrom the shores of Indian ocean to beaches of Southern California, I traveled a lot throughout my life. Every time I moved, I had to make new friends, get adjusted to the culture, the weather, sometimes I even had to learn a new language. Initially, it was difficult but as time passed I started looking forward to the excitement of meeting new friends, trying new cuisines and experiencing new cultures. The further I traveled, the stronger I became. Exposure to different cultures not only made me a good observer but also strengthened my ability to adapt wherever I went. When I came down to Springfield, I had the opportunity to meet few of the residents for dinner on the eve before the interview. Within minutes, we were trading burgers and sharing desserts, I knew that I had already made my friends. On the day of the interview, I could clearly see that the program was not only resourced, coordinated and dynamic but also strongly resonated with my professional goals. I know that I would have the support to travel further into my goals. The fact that I have never been to Springfield or the nearby areas also excited me. There is so much to explore and it is close to Boston and New York city. The friendly residents and passionate faculty made this program stand out amongst other programs. I am left impressed by the program's commitment towards health care and academic excellence. In fact Bay state’s one of a kind "learner-manager-teacher model" speaks volumes for the commitment of program towards resident's education. This is just one of the many unique features of this program that made it so clearly my favorite. 

Archana Vasudevan, DO

New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Archana VasudevanHi everyone! Here’s a little bit about me. I was born in India and lived there for the first 6 years of my life, after which I moved to New York. I was in NY up until college when I relocated to the Boston area – Tufts University. After finishing up there, I moved back to NY and worked for a year in NYC to then start medical school in Long Island, NY. I decided it was again time for a change and am now heading back to Massachusetts to begin a new chapter of my life. I chose Baystate for several reasons. The vibe I felt on interview day was a great one that left quite a mark. All the residents seemed very happy and well adjusted. I appreciated the diversity among the residents and how cohesive the group seemed. The program’s unique model of learner-manager-teacher also struck me as one that would prepare residents in the best and most well rounded way possible. I had also heard great things from other students who had rotated through the hospital. Overall, it seemed like a positive and perfect place for a new beginning. In my free time, I like to be in the outdoors, anything from hiking to running to swimming. I also love to travel to warmer destinations any time I get the chance to. My newest passion is the Insanity workouts! Lastly, I love spending time with friends and family.