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Nurse Residency Curriculum

Baystate Health’s Nurse Residency Program is a 1-year evidence-based program designed for nurses with less than 12 months experience. It supports you as you transition from novice to clinical professional, and prepares you to be successful as a full partner on the healthcare team.

New Nurse Residency Graduates Present Their Poster at Graduation Ceremony

Curriculum Summary

Our year-long program provides a structured curriculum to educate and empower you to function autonomously within your nursing specialty.

You will attend and actively participate in Nursing orientation, CIS orientation, unit based orientation, NRP seminars, quality initiative education, and annual healthcare validations.

We also provide a platform for continued professional development.

We strengthen the relationship between academics and service and offer individualized learning plans, mentorship and peer support, leadership concepts, and heightened visibility for career development within the Baystate Health integrated health care system.


American Nurses Credentialing Center Accredited with Distinction logo
ANCC Accreditation with DistinctionAmerican Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) accreditation is an endorsement of exemplary nursing practice and professional commitment.

When you complete the Program, you will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Demonstrate effective critical thinking and reasoning skills related to clinical judgment and practice
  2. Incorporate evidence based practices to patient outcomes and the patient care experience
  3. Provide quality and safe clinical leadership at the point of care
  4. Prepare for clinical advancement
  5. Implement clinical decision making skills through interprofessional collaboration opportunities


Nurse resident positions are available throughout Baystate Health's service area, depending on need.

Benefits of Baystate's Nurse Residency

  • Guidance from dedicated, trained preceptors in an environment committed to learning
  • Progressive orientation to enhance critical thinking and skill development using the theoretical model From Novice to Expert, Benner (2001)
  • Membership in a supportive residency program
  • Structured monthly educational seminars to develop confidence and competence in nursing practice
  • Customized career planning support
  • Exposure to organizational leadership strategies and professional development opportunities
  • Support in incorporating evidence-based outcomes practices into clinical care