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BERST Academy Professional Development Sessions

BERST faculty are thrilled to work with you as we build this community and create a vibrant, evidence-based, and learner-centered approach to teaching at Baystate.

BERST Faculty Teaching Boot Camp

We have developed creative Professional Development sessions that are:

  • Tailored to the learners in the room, taking into account their diverse backgrounds, expertise and context
  • Hands-on, interactive, engaging—and fun
  • Inspired by learnings from improv, narrative medicine, and reflective writing

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Professional Development Offerings

Teaching Academy Professional Development Session Feedback

Base Camp

Base Camp is a two-day foundational professional development experience that uses group activities and personal reflection to introduce new members to BERST's key principles of motivation, innovation, and reflection.

Activities focus on building community, exploring various means of motivation, and participating in innovative teaching strategies. Participants also have the opportunity to watch faculty offer each other feedback on their teaching. Base Camp is a unique opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes in developing and implementing innovative teaching practices.


The goals of these hour-long education sessions are to sustain our community of teachers and leaders, and test an innovative approach to teaching and learning. Each month explores a new strategy, such as visual teaching techniques, technological tools, and creative writing.

BERST Rounds

BERST Rounds are longer, exploratory programs, and offer educational credit.

These quarterly sessions are designed to engage with education in creative ways. We have explored how the physical practice of yoga can support more mindful approaches to teaching and leading. Museum Rounds—held at the Springfield Art Museum—taught principles of clinical reasoning and problem-solving through visual art strategies. See Curriculum Spotlight

BERST Scholars Sessions

To build our educators as scholars and researchers, we offer an introductory curriculum in the basics of educational scholarship. Each session offers guidelines and hands-on experience of key skills. Individual mentoring in educational research and scholarship is also available to BERST Academy members.

BERST Mini-Courses

Mini-courses are an opportunity to practice and apply skills that may be introduced in Bites and Rounds sessions.

Mini-courses occur over a two-month period, with four in-person meetings and supplemental online work in-between sessions.

Journal Club

These sessions allow BERST members and guests to have a free-form chat about published articles related to teaching and leading.

Articles discussed at recent sessions include:

  • "The Mystery of Motivation, "Gary Drevitch, Psychology Today (February 2017)
  • "Discovering Your Authentic Leadership," Bill George, Peter Sims, Andrew N. Mclean, and Diana Mayer, Harvard Business Review (February 2007)

Curriculum Spotlight

Museum Rounds

How a trip to an art museum explored perception, communication, and bias.

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BERST Museum Rounds Reception