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The BERST Vision

Building a Community

Through community, we empower our members to take on new challenges, innovate, and connect across silos to inspire learners, encourage each other, and ensure the best patient care.

This is why BERST events and professional development focus on building authentic teachers and leaders.

BERST Teaching feedback session

(Photo: Rapt attention to a role-play at Leader Base Camp)

Motivation, Innovation, Reflection

BERST emphasizes learning rather than teaching.

What Members Say

[BERST is] a community of strength. When I have people who support me it is easier to take risks and innovate. The diversity of people give me feedback from multiple different perspectives. I am always learning new things from this group.”
Kevin Hinchey,
Chief Education Officer, Faculty

We abandon prescribed teaching models and PowerPoint lectures in favor of innovative learning experiences drawing on theater, writing, and competition in order to motivate members and foster reflection.

We prioritize innovation to meet our goals, and offer continuous learning opportunities that highlight innovative teaching practices.

The Gift of Feedback

We are here to help each other improve through the gift of non-judgmental feedback.

BERST faculty set the tone by modeling the giving and receiving of feedback in front of new members.

In our Peer Observation Program, members are required to both give and receive feedback on their teaching—applying what they learned from faculty role-modeling. Continuous feedback is one more way we build community.