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BERST Academy Members

Our BERST community represents a variety of professions, roles, and departments. Through our diversity of experience and perspective, we are better able to innovate in education and leadership.

BERST Academy Leaders 2017-2018
BERST Leader Track 2017-2018

Leader Track

What Members Say

“I joined BERST Academy to be part of a community with a passion for creativity in education. Knowing the insight of my BERST community is available to me contributes to the quality of the education program I share with the research community.”
—Susan Garrow-Sloan, Human Research Education Specialist, Teacher Track


  • Peter Blain, Project Manager, Baystate Springfield Education Partnership, Healthcare Education Office
  • Sam Borden, Vice Chair, Department of Medical Education
  • Elizabeth Brady, Surgeon, Division of Surgical Oncology
  • Tara Catanzano, Program Director, Radiology Residency Program
  • Cara E. Chandler, Manager, Nursing Residency Program
  • Jason Cross, Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy
  • Carolyn Delk, Physician, Wesson Women's Group
  • Roxanne Florence, Program Director, Cytopathology Fellowship Program
  • Elizabeth Goncalves, Manager, Nursing Professional Practice Program
  • Ian Goodman, Physician, Emergency Services
  • Kathryn Jobbins, Interim Chief Medical Director, Baystate Wing-Palmer Medical Center
  • Gary Kerr, Chief Pharmacy Officer, Pharmacy Administration
  • Ben Osborne, Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency Program
  • Ute Schmidt, Manager, Spiritual Services
  • Molly Senn-McNally, Associate Program Director, Pediatrics Residency Program

Teacher Track


  • Lisa Cole, Physician, Pathology Melanie Conboy, Manager, Retail and Ambulatory Pharmacy Services
  • Cinnamon Desgres, Nurse Educator, Nursing Professional Practice Program
  • Christina Fitch, Palliative Care Physician, Geriatric Medicine
  • Laurie Friedman, Faculty, Division of Midwifery and Community Health
  • Susan Garrow-Sloan, Education and Compliance Specialist, Human Research Protection Program
  • Natiera Graham, Allied Health Program Specialist, Healthcare Education Office
  • Bridget Gunn, Information and Knowledge Services Librarian, Health Sciences Library
  • Reva Kleppel, Clinical Research Manager I, Faculty and Resident Development
  • Arlene Kruzel, Nurse Educator, Nursing Professional Practice Program
  • Kelly Lamas, Coordinator, Baystate Springfield Education Partnership, Healthcare Education Office
  • Kimberly Marohn, Pediatric Intensivist, Division of Pediatric Critical Care
  • Sarah McAdoo, Co-Leader, Capstone Scholarship and Discovery Course, UMMS-Baystate
  • Bob Oldenburg, Senior Consultant, Talent Management and Inclusion
  • Amy Oliveira, Physician, Radiology
  • Ryan Quarles, Internist, Division of Hospital Medicine
  • Jill Scibelli, Registered Nurse IV, Daly Operating Rooms
  • Ruben Vaidya, Neonatologist, Division of Newborn Medicine
  • Michelle Whitney, Registered Nurse IV, Perianesthesia Services


  • Sik Kim Ang, Palliative Care Physician, Geriatric Medicine
  • Julie Bermant, CNS Psych Ambulatory, Children Psychiatry
  • Mary Casartello, Certified Nurse Midwife, OB/GYN-WETU
  • Carly Detterman, Faculty Certified Nurse Midwife, OB/GYN-Midwifery
  • Ashley Deutsch, Physician, Emergency Medicine
  • Elizabeth Eagleson, Internist, Brightwood House
  • Kathryn Jobbins, Interim Chief Medical Director, Baystate Wing-Palmer Medical Center
  • Tina Johnson, Certified Nurse Midwife, OB/GYN-WETU
  • Keisha Jones, Chief, Division of Urogynecology
  • Kathleen Kopcza, Senior Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Program Director, PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency
  • Allison Kostrzewa, Nurse Educator, Daly 5A
  • Alan Kulig, Director of Education, Department of Anesthesiology
  • Marie Meckel, Advanced Practitioner, Mason Square Health Center
  • Michael Oumano, Med Physicist, Medical Physics
  • Jacqueline Wu, General Surgeon, Division of General Surgery