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What to Know Before You Submit

Help Meeting Our Supply Needs

Our quality team will review all items and make final determination if items supplied through non-traditional channels will in fact be used in clinical care. Through this process, we will also determine where and how items are used.

We are looking for new channels that can provide supplies at the scale we need. We will favor collaboration with manufacturers that already have experience producing (medical) supplies or products on a larger scale. Some items needed may be smaller quantity and thus more appropriate for individual makers or smaller shops.

At the outset, we are looking for donations, but we will consider commercial arrangements for material contributions on a case by case basis.

The items needed occasionally become available for purchase on standard commercial terms. If you have contacts or direct knowledge of items available, contact us. However, the market is currently overwhelmed with people making promises that we do not have capacity to vet. Also, product may be contracted, but then deliveries delayed indefinitely. Please only forward leads or contacts if you have specific information that make you confident in the credibility of the vendor.


We will do our best to respond to your messages, but please understand if you don't hear back other than our automated reply that your submission has been received. Our team will have to focus on submissions that come the closest to meeting our greatest needs, safely and quickly. We will save your information, and as things change we may reach out.

Keep an eye on this page as things change daily. Realize there may be other teams working on the same item and they may get there faster than you. We will update this page if we think the need is close to being met so you know. If our need has been met, we will communicate your offer to other healthcare providers in the area.