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New Operating and Intervention Rooms at Baystate Medical Center


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Baystate Medical Center is starting construction on new operating rooms, which will have state-of-the-art equipment and resources needed for the highest levels of surgical care. Please see the below Q&A to learn details including:

  • What this construction is for
  • Why we are doing this work
  • Where to park if you visit the hospital
  • Who will be doing the construction


What kind of construction is happening at Baystate Medical Center?

Baystate Medical Center began construction in May 2021 on new operating rooms and interventional rooms to account for the latest technological advances, streamline the location, and provide larger space for surgery and procedures. Approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in December 2020, this project is the first major operating room upgrade to occur at Baystate Medical Center in nearly 10 years since the opening of the Davis Family Heart & Vascular Center.

What will this project accomplish?

This construction project will include:

  • 18 new operating rooms that will replace the same number of ORs currently located in the Daly Building, as well as pre-procedure preparation and post-procedure recovery space
  • Two new interventional procedure rooms
  • One new CT unit in the Emergency Department
  • 4 new Cardiac Catheterization Labs
  • 2 new Electrophysiology Labs

We will also do the following to accommodate necessary support functions and improve patient experience and wayfinding as follows:

  • Expand the lobby area to enhance the patient experience with additional seating and registration area;
  • Install an elevator to allow for a public connection from the main lobby to the surgical floor below and to the floors above in the North Wing
  • Install additional ventilation equipment, including an air handling unit 11C to allow for low temperature cooling and a chiller, which will occupy space available within the existing mechanical room in the Basement Level
  • Install supplemental cleaning equipment in the Central Sterile Processing Department;
  • Install plumbing penetrating the floor slab above the surgical floor ceiling related to the anticipated future 3rd floor patient floor of the North Wing
  • Install a rooftop unit to allow for ventilation of the North Wing tower and its future patient floors, which will occupy space available on the roof and shaft space within the North Tower.

This project, which will create up to 300 construction jobs, will begin after the enabling work is complete and will wrap up in the fall of 2022.

What will happen to the additional unfinished space in this area of the facility?

After completion, Baystate will have three remaining unused floors (two in the North Wing and one in the MassMutual Wing), each with about 30,000 square feet each. There are plans to build patient rooms there in the future, but no date is set. Additional information will be shared as this project progresses.

What will the hours of construction be?

Approximately 7 am – 4 pm. Some off-hours work will also take place as needed to accommodate ongoing hospital operations.


Why is there a need to build new operating rooms?

The project will construct new operating rooms in addition to heart & vascular and neuro interventional procedure rooms along with prep and recovery bays with sufficient support space. The upgrade will co-locate the new operating rooms with heart & vascular operating rooms and critical care beds with the Emergency Department (ED) directly below. This decreases the transport time from the ED to OR for procedures for patients who are experiencing a heart attack, stroke or trauma. The enhancements are pivotal to Baystate keeping up with advancing technology to provide the highest level of care to patients.

Why should I support this project?

Supporting the creation of the new operation and interventional rooms will help advance care at Baystate Health. These updates will create a better flow for patients who are receiving care in these areas and provide larger procedure spaces, which allows for more technological innovation in surgical and interventional care in our region. To learn more about how you can make a gift to this important project, contact the Baystate Health Foundation at 413-794-5444.

Why is this construction happening now, given COVID-19? 

High level intensive care has never been more in need than during this unprecedented pandemic. Baystate Medical Center provides care for the sickest people in the region and must ensure needed resource are available to support the high level, diverse needs of our patients.

As construction is being completed, all vendors and contractors who enter Baystate Health buildings are expected to comply with our latest vaccine and masking policies.


Where should I plan to park when I visit the hospital?

As the construction project progresses, traffic flow and some parking will be adjusted and communicated. There are direction valet attendants in the Daly garage, valet lot and Daly service lot that assist patients and families with parking. We also offer complementary valet parking from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday-Friday.

Can we expect to see signage directing traffic?

Yes. There are large electronic signs with arrows indicating direction to travel for hospital access. Additional Valet staff have been added to help visitors access parking areas, walk paths and convenient entries into Baystate Medical Center.

What about pedestrians who use the sidewalks?

There are safe walk paths designated around the construction site areas with signage to direct people to all the Baystate entry doors. There are posted signs at the bus stop near the hospital.

Where will the construction workers park?

On the roof level of the Walter Street Garage, which is on Main Street. Workers will not take spaces away from patients and visitors.


Who will be doing the construction?

One of the nation’s top healthcare builders, DPR Construction, is doing the construction at Baystate Medical Center. DPR has completed more than 2,000 healthcare construction projects.

Will local folks be hired for construction jobs?

Yes, the majority of workers live in and around the Pioneer Valley. As well as workers, over 95 percent of the subcontractors hired are local and all have local workforces. There is a concerted effort by Baystate Medical Center and DPR to include local participation in all manners of the project where possible.

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