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Baystate Franklin Medical Center Update

Negotiations with the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA)


Baystate Franklin Medical Center is committed to being a workplace of choice for all our employees, providing a positive working environment, market-competitive wages and benefits and a clear line of communication between leadership and employees.

We have been in conversations with representatives of the MNA since fall 2016 regarding an updated contract for our nurse colleagues. Baystate Franklin leadership has been focused on establishing a respectful dialogue that allows us to reach a fair contract that reflects the important contribution each member of our nursing team makes.

We are disappointed with the false claims the MNA leadership is making about Baystate Franklin regarding the safety of our hospital and the care we are privileged to provide to our community.

Here are facts about our hospital and key aspects of our negotiations with the MNA.

Quality and Services

Nationally recognized for quality and patient care by nationally recognized, independent organizations:

Expanded services to meet community needs:

  • $26 million invested for new surgical wing (2016)
  • 30 new specialty care physicians and support clinicians to staff the surgical program

Negotiation Process

Baystate Franklin Medical Center (BFMC) entered into negotiations in good faith and has maintained an engaged and respectful tone as we move toward a productive solution.

  • Began negotiations in November 2016
  • As of June 12, we have engaged in more than 20 sessions with the MNA


Baystate Franklin offers market-competitive wages that reflect the education, commitment and skill of all of our staff, which is important to supporting quality health care delivery.

  • Wages are competitive with an average hourly base rate of $40.88 or $85,000 annually for a 40-hour work week with additional compensation provided for working evenings, overnight, and weekend shifts.
  • BFMC offered increases in across-the-board wages.


The competitive benefits package includes both insurance and a mix of leave time, education support, and other programs, and is consistent with benefits across the health system.

  • BFMC health insurance proposals maintain a strong level of coverage for medical care, dental, vision, and life insurance.
  • BFMC comprehensive benefits package also includes retirement.


The safety and quality of care delivered at BFMC is outstanding. The leadership is committed to continuing our strong record of offering a safe, high quality patient care environment, including a full and effective complement of staff.

BFMC does not support rigid staff ratios that do not take into account individual patient care needs or the full mix of team members responsible for clinical care.

  • BFMC will continue its monthly Labor Management meetings as a way to address staffing issues.
  • BFMC has proposed a separate and distinct quarterly meeting to specifically review staffing issues.
  • BFMC is staffing a flex pool to address needs related to fluctuations in patient volumes or unexpected nurse absences.
  • BFMC will continue to explore flexible options to ensure staffing the right nurse at the right time and right place for our patients.


Flexibility of schedules is important for addressing fluctuating patient care and volume needs, and there are times when asking nurses to work overtime is needed.

  • On average, nurses work between 4 and 6 hours of overtime a month.
  • Overtime hours are not equally distributed among nurses, as there are some nurses who choose not to work any overtime at all.
  • BFMC is staffing a flex pool to address needs related to fluctuations in patient volumes or unexpected nurse absences.

We continue to respectfully negotiate with the MNA and strive for a contract that continues to support the safe, quality care that we are privileged to provide to our community.