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Baystate Health Every Woman

Baystate Health Every Woman members finish the sentence, "I am ______."

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The free Baystate Health Every Woman program offers the latest women's health information, through seminars with physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals, in a comfortable and lively setting. The program is designed to increase your knowledge of women's health issues, and in turn, provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions regarding your health. It's unique, exciting, and fun!

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When you join, you will receive a membership packet containing a membership key tag and detailed information about the program.

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  • A 25% discount certificate to the Marketplace at Baystate Health 
  • Tuition discount for Mini Medical School, an eight week course featuring faculty from Baystate Medical Center 
  • The Baystate Health Every Woman Newsletter mailed quarterly to all member detailing seminars, special events, new programs for women and Baystate Health news and initiatives of community interest. 
  • The eWoman newsletter, a bi-monthly email newsletter with timely updates, links, and announcements.

OH MY ACHING BACK! - Recorded Virtual Event Presentation

Watch as Dr. Leslie Lyness, neurosurgeon, Baystate Neurosurgery, presents on the topic of lower back pain.


READY FOR SCHOOL: COVID-19 & YOUR CHILD, Recorded Virtual Event Presentation

Baystate Health experts Dr. John O'Reilly, Chief of General Pediatrics, Dr. Esteban DelPilar-Morales, Baystate Infectious Disease, and Dr. Elizabeth Boyle, pediatrician and vice president of Primary Care and Clinical Integration, as they share advice on how to keep your school-aged kids mentally and physically healthy, whether they are returning to school or remote learning.

Click here to WATCH


Breast Wellness Series Part 1 "Innovative Seed Procedure for Breast Surgery" (10/14/2020)
Recorded Virtual event with Dr. Holly Mason, Chief, Breast Surgery, Baystate Health

The new seed procedure is used to help the surgeon localize the part of the breast during surgery. Most patients tolerate the placement of this seed very well; in fact, there is often less pain. Join Dr. Holly Mason, breast surgeon, Baystate Surgical Oncology & Breast Specialists, for a discussion about breast surgery and the innovative seed procedure.

Click Here to Watch

For More Information Visit:

3D PRINTING IN RADIATION THERAPY, Recorded Virtual Event Presentation

Breast Wellness Series Part 2 "3D Printing in Radiation Therapy - A Virtual Event" (10/21/20)

3D printing has expanded the ways in which we can enhance peoples’ lives. This enhancement has expanded to our use for 3D printing in clinical practice. For radiation treatment we can now create devices that protect critical areas, optimize treatment, improve the accuracy and safety of treatment while at the same time making it a faster process for the patient and the treating therapists. Join Dr. Michael Yunes, Chief of Radiation Oncology at the D’Amour Center for Cancer Care, Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, UMASS Medical School-Baystate, to learn more about this exciting new technology and its use in therapies to treat many diseases including breast and skin cancer.



Breast Wellness Series Part 3 "The Restorative Breast Collaboration A Virtual Event" (10/22/20)

To restore a woman's silhouette, the plastic surgeon and breast surgeon collaborate to provide the best possible cosmetic result. Join Dr. Danielle Lipoff, breast surgeon, Baystate Breast Surgical Oncology & Breast Specialists, and Dr. KC Collins, plastic surgeon, Baystate Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, for a conversation about the ways to restore the breast, timing for surgery and what to expect.