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Corporate Compliance

The mission of Baystate Health is to improve the health of the people in our communities every day with quality and compassion. Our Corporate Compliance Program defines and guides the conduct expected of Baystate employees, provides guidance on resolving questions related to business conduct and ethical issues, and provides a mechanism by which employees can report possible violations of these standards and laws. The Baystate Health Compliance Program assists us as we seek to provide quality, compassionate care with courtesy, dignity and respect to our patients.

To raise concerns or report a violation, employees may contact:

  • Their supervisor, manager, or vice president
  • Baystate Health Compliance Office: 413-794-5840
  • 24-hour Hotline: 1-877-874-RIGHT (7444) (anonymous and confidential)

We encourage employees to reference the following list to decide if they should take any action or make a report:

  • Does the action comply with the Baystate Health policies and procedures?
  • Is the action legal?
  • How would the action look to your family and friends, our clients and the general public if it was published on the front page of the newspaper?
  • Would the action make you feel bad if you did it?

In addition to the Compliance Program and in accordance with the Baystate Health Conflict of Interest Policy, board members, committee members, officers, management, key employees and physician leaders are required to disclose potential conflicts of interest and to acknowledge annually the requirements of the Policy. All decisions and actions taken by employees of entities within Baystate in the conduct of Baystate business, including patient care and administrative work, shall be made in a manner that promotes the best interests of Baystate.

Baystate Health also supports continuing education and scientific advancement in an environment that promotes honesty, objectivity, and transparency and therefore is committed to ensuring that financial interests of the institution or individuals do not adversely affect research activities or compromise the protection of human or animal research subjects.

All people within Baystate Health may at one time or another find their institutional roles in conflict or competition with other roles. It is essential, therefore, that conflicting interests be fully disclosed to Baystate Health and treated in a fair and open manner. In addition, some disclosures are specifically required for the Internal Revenue Service and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Attorney General Office.

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