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Baystate Springfield Educational Partnership

BSEP Educates Tomorrow's Healthcare Professionals

Baystate Springfield Educational Partnership (BSEP) advances education for our Springfield youth, and prepares them for careers that are committed to serving the health and wellbeing of the community.

We foster an environment that promotes empowerment and self-advocacy, and provides mentoring to interested and committed high school students.

Hospital-based Learning

BSEP offers a variety of hospital-based learning experiences that provide high school students with opportunities to:

  • Explore different careers
  • Engage in more comprehensive observation experiences
  • Prepare for potential internship or employment opportunities
    (This is not an employment program. Internship and employment opportunities are not a guaranteed program activity.)

Committed to Preventive Care

We aim to build an educated healthcare workforce in Springfield that is reflective of its residents and is committed to a prevention model of care.

BSEP's new population health and prevention pathway educates students about Baystate Health's transition to a population health approach, and introduces them to corresponding careers.

Students Can Progress Through Three Levels of Courses




BSEP Orientation

All new students must attend a BSEP program orientation before enrolling in any course.

  • Introduction to the BSEP Program

1: Career Exploration

You will explore the diverse range of careers available within the health and biomedical sciences through connections with healthcare professionals arranged for you by BSEP.

  • Career Exploration: Nursing
  • Career Exploration: Allied Health
  • Career Exploration: Interdisciplinary Health
  • Teen Mini-Medical School
  • All high school grades
  • Completed BSEP Orientation
  • Interest and commitment

2: Career Development

These courses provide you with an opportunity to develop an understanding of college and career planning, and to gain experience observing a specific career pathway

  • Job Mentoring (Observations)
  • Career Planning
  • Patient Care Skills
  • Specialized Courses
  • 11th or 12th grade
  • Two Level 1 courses
  • Ongoing interest and commitment

3: Career Preparation

As you transition out of high school, these courses focus on how to get “a foot in the door” of the healthcare employment world and/or continue your education in a healthcare field.

  • Work Readiness and Basic Skills
  • Graduating 12th graders
  • Two Level 1 courses and One Level 2 course
  • Ongoing interest and commitment


This is a limited opportunity. A small group of high school graduates who have met the requirements are invited to apply.

  • 200 hour internship in a clinical pathway position
  • High school graduates
  • Springfield resident
  • Application Process
  • Work Readiness and Basic Skills
  • Additional Job Training

 > The BSEP program catalog (pdf) has descriptions of all our courses.

Interested in Joining BSEP?

BSEP prioritizes high school students from Springfield, MA. Students from surrounding communities are welcome to participate only as capacity allows.

All new students must register and attend a program orientation before enrolling in any course.

Register to join BSEP


Does BSEP organize observation experiences for high school students?

We do not organize immediate or short-term observation experiences for high school students outside of the BSEP program.

High school students are required to have  a registered host and appropriate clearance to observe in the hospital. Baystate employees who wish to initiate an observation experience must work through the Health Care Education office. Contact Rafnilda Nieves to complete the compliance process.

Does Baystate Medical Center offer observations for students seeking hours to apply to Physician Assistant programs?

Baystate has limited capacity for these requests. To learn more, please contact Cassie Sarno.

Does BSEP coordinate volunteer opportunities?

No. But Baystate Health has many opportunities for volunteers.

Please contact our volunteer program:
Marie Saunders, Manager, Volunteer Services
759 Chestnut Street
Springfield MA, 01199

For More Information Please Contact Us

Kianny Ramos-Monserrate

Kianny Ramos-Monserrate, BSEP Project Assistant
Phone: 413-794-4120

Kelly Lamas

Kelly Lamas, BSEP Project Coordinator
Phone: 413-794-2087

Peter Blain

Peter Blain, BSEP Manager
Phone: 413-794-1671