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Spine Rehabilitation program

Does back and neck pain impact your ability to exercise, work, and enjoy leisure activities? If this sounds familiar, there is something you can do to get real and lasting relief.

At Baystate Rehabilitation Care, our Spine Rehabilitation program specializes in helping people like you. Our comprehensive, medically-managed program includes manual therapy and other physical therapy treatments, education, exercise, and pain management. There is no other program in the region that offers such a complete approach to solving back and neck problems.

The Baystate Rehabilitation Care Spine Rehabilitation program is specially designed to treat people with problems of the neck, back and spine.  Our philosophy is current with the scientific knowledge that pain killers or passive treatments offer some relief, but no real opportunity for full recovery and management

Our Services:

  • Manual therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Symptom management
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Other physical therapy treatments

Treatment Options: 

At the Spine Rehabilitation program, we recognize that you may require more than physical therapy. That's why we provide our patients with access to a range of treatment options:

  • Behavioral Health Over 60% of individuals who have chronic back or neck pain also experience varying degrees of psychological difficulties. Symptoms may include depression, anxiety, or hopelessness about ever improving. Your psychological wellbeing is a vital aspect of your recovery. Stress management, relaxation, and pain management techniques for chronic pain may also be discussed.
  • Nutrition Services Decreased activity and weight gain are common in those suffering from chronic back pain. Weight gain can further impair mobility and aggravate pre-existing spine pain. A nutritional evaluation may help improve dietary behaviors. Some patients may also require nutritional services for osteoporosis.
  • Other Medical Services If an evaluation reveals that further medical services would be beneficial, we can discuss other options with you and your referring physician, which may include physiatry, neurosurgery, orthopedics, and other medical specialties. We're Ready to Help You If you are suffering from neck or back pain, we're ready to help you.

Diagnoses We Treat:

  • Adolescent/adult scoliosis
  • Low back/neck pain
  • Mechanical spine pain
    • Disc problems
    • Spinal Fractures
    • Sacroiliac pain/problems
    • Facet arthropathy
    • Whiplash injuries
    • Spinal stenosis
    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Radiculopathies
    • Spine surgery recovery
    • Sciatica/piriformus syndrome

The Healthy Back program at Baystate Franklin Medical Center

The Healthy Back program was developed specifically for individuals who complain of minor/ occasional neck or low back pain but do not have the time for formal rehabilitation therapy. They would benefit, however, from early intervention and education to avoid potential spine problems. 

The program consists of three visits:

  • Thorough spine examination and develop a plan of care
  • Education of back care and written self-management program
  • Follow-up to assure progress, independence, and prevention

Our Commitment to You

The spine program is totally committed to providing you with:

  • Personalized rehabilitation through a comprehensive evaluation of your individual condition
  • Concise explanation of our findings and treatment recommendations
  • The most effective treatment expertly performed by our highly skilled team.

You can feel confident that there is no better place to find the kind of care you need to live the kind of life you want to lead.

What You Can Expect

Our approach to spine rehab is to evaluate, treat and educate each of our patients with neck and/or back pain.

Initially our patient-center goals are aimed at reducing pain, centralizing symptoms which can radiate into the arms or legs, and controlling muscular spasms and compensatory movement patterns and postures.  In this phase we initiate treatment with manual techniques, gentle mobilization, postural correction, modalities for pain management and education on basic home exercise to self-manage symptoms.

Once we have achieved an acceptable decrease in pain and increase in mobility,  we progress to a spinal stabilization and core strengthening program with advancements made likewise to the patient's home exercise routine. 

Throughout the course of care we address posture awareness, ergonomics of work and home activities and body mechanics to reduce spinal stressors throughout the day.

Our final phase of spinal rehab is to incorporate the patient's improved mobility and stability into functional exercise training (e.g. stair navigation, lifting, carrying, exercising, recreational sports) to restore pain-free activity.  Upon completion of our program, each patient will take with them the knowledge of how to maintain their gains, safely progress their routine independently and prevent future injuries.