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Lymphedema Treatment Program

Patients who suffer from lymphedema usually experience symptoms in the arm, leg, face, neck, stomach or lung. We help patients bring their lymphedema under control through lifestyle changes and teach them how to live an active life with the disease.

Treatment & Services

Treatment of lymphedema should begin soon after diagnosis and may include:

  • pumps
  • pneumatic compression devices
  • compression garments (customized elastic sleeves)
  • exercise
  • nutrition counseling
  • CDP (Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy)
  • manual lymph drainage
  • bandaging and compressing
  • hygiene and topical skin products
  • remedial exercises


All patients must be evaluated by our rehabilitation physicians prior to therapy services. These physicians will advise about additional tests such as lymphoscintigraphy, as well as treatment options and timing.

Support Groups

We hold a lymphedema support group to assist patients and families.

To make an appointment call 413-794-1150