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Baystate Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

Who We Are

Baystate Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics provides developmental evaluations and some intervention for children with developmental delays, learning disabilities, and special health care needs. We are an interdisciplinary team, which means we communicate regularly with one another and with you and your child's health professionals and educators.

We offer family-centered care, which means your needs as a family are a central part of the experience. We want to extend that conversation to all those who play an important part in your child's life, and hope you will entrust us to become a part of the broader team of individuals serving your child, including those in your community who work with your child every day.

Patient Experience

We divide our evaluations into at least three separate visits, each designed to give you and your child the time needed for us to fully understand and help him/her:

  1. An initial intake/first visit with you and your child where we review your and your primary care provider's concerns, complete the initial part of the evaluation, and develop with you a plan for more detailed diagnostic testing.
  1. A return visit to our center or to affiliated staff closer to your home to further examine and evaluate your child. This may also include the input of other providers who work with us.
  1. A final summary session at the conclusion of all assessments, devoted entirely to sharing our findings and recommendations with you and your invited guests, and to devising a plan of services to assist you going forward. This session will give us ample time to answer any new questions you might have. If you prefer, your child need not be present.

You will receive a written report of our evaluation with copies sent to your child's primary care pediatrician/provider, and to others you request. This report will be updated and sent to you whenever additional evaluations take place so that you will not have to wait for the final report at the conclusion of all of your child's visits. We will identify each report so that you and others will know where it fits in the overall evaluation.

We believe this approach allows us to devote the fullest amount of time to the evaluation, gives us both the greatest flexibility and efficiency in making appointments, and offers the best way to obtain approval and authorization from your child's insurance providers so that no delays occur.

Who We Help

Our expert team meets the needs of children and families from the greater Springfield area and throughout western Massachusetts with a wide range of developmental, behavioral, and neurodevelopmental needs including, but not limited to:

  • disorders of cognition, executive function, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • Asperger's syndrome
  • specific learning disabilities
  • complex neurodevelopmental and genetic disorders and special health care needs
  • behavioral disturbances suspected of resulting from underlying problems of development

Programs & Services

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric Consultation Clinic: We offer evaluations for children birth to 18 years with developmental delays, established developmental, and neurodevelopmental diagnoses, and behavioral concerns considered likely related to an underlying developmental disorder. Conditions include:

  • speech and language delay                
  • autism spectrum disorders                
  • developmental delay             
  • behavioral disturbance                                  
  • school performance problems                       
  • special health care needs                   
  • attention deficit disorder (ADD)      

Developmental Evaluation (Psychology Consultation): We offer children and young adults birth to 21 years with developmental delays, established developmental and neurodevelopmental diagnoses, and/or behavioral concerns considered likely related to an underlying developmental disorder, evaluations with a clinical emphasis around developmental psychology and other psychometric assessments.

ADHD Consultation Service: Children and young adults with difficulties related to problems of attention (ADHD, ADD) are offered a consultative resource to help parents and primary care providers around issues of diagnosis, and where appropriate medical management. Working in tandem with each child's own pediatric provider, this program supplements but doesn't replace the role of the Medical Home.

Coordinated Care of Children with Special Health Care Needs: Comprehensive evaluation of the habilitative and rehabilitative needs of children ages birth to 18 with special health care needs, including but not limited to children with spina bifida, cerebral palsy, and complex multi-system disorders. This program also focuses on transitional planning for children entering adolescence and young adulthood.

Behavioral Assessment and Management Program: Consultation and evaluation of children whose behaviors at home and in school present special challenges. Working with local and regional resources, primary care providers and schools, this program provides diagnostic and treatment guidance that is based on a solid understanding of the causes of a child's particular behavioral profile.

Feeding and Nutrition Clinic: Consultation and evaluation of children with feeding disorders and difficulties in which developmental etiologies are an important component in assessment. This team includes a developmental pediatrician and a nutritionist, and involves additional input from occupational therapy.

Care Team

  • Lawrence C. Kaplan, MD, ScM, developmental pediatrician and chief, Baystate Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
  • Patrick Brown, MD, pediatric specialist in ADHD diagnosis and management
  • Stephen Boos, MD, pediatric specialist in behavioral management
  • Shannon Kay, PhD, developmental psychologist
  • Nicole Knee, LDN, pediatric dietitian, Growth & Nutrition Clinic
  • David Landry, MS, CCC-SLP, speech and language therapist
  • Stacey McQueen-Pooler, OTR, occupational therapist
  • Andrea Nolan, LICSW, social worker, Growth & Nutrition Clinic
  • Brenda Peters, psychometrician
  • Joyce Yoffa, OTR, occupational therapist, Growth and Nutrition Clinic
  • Christopher Hayes, MD- Growth & Nutrition Program
  • Robert Keder, MD- Developmental Pediatrician