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Just for Parents

  • Maintain your child's routine as much as possible. 
  • Encourage your child's participation in all activities except those restricted by the physician.
  • Communicate with school staff regarding your child's needs upon returning.  Consult with teachers, school nurse, and/or principal to discuss any special accommodations (e.g., seat assignment, wearing hat, extra time for tests, etc.), and what documents they need to provide appropriate care while at school (e.g., medication directions for nurse). 
  • Begin talking to your child about returning in advance to help him or her adjust to the idea.
  • Encourage your child to ask questions and voice concerns or worries.
  • Talk with your child about how things may be different at school or how peers may see them as different and develop a plan to help him/her cope.
  • Possible changes that may need attention:
    • If physical appearance was altered as a result of injury, illness, etc.
    • Less energy or unable to keep up with routine, work, etc.
    • May not be able to attend full days
    • Activities may be limited
    • Practice ways to handle teasing
  • Have your child identify a "safe person" or buddy the child can connect with during school.
  • Be aware that your other children may have also been greatly impacted by their sibling's illness/hospitalization.  Keep in mind that this may be a difficult time for them as well.  Pease visit the Tips for Helping Siblings link to stay connected to the unique needs of siblings.
  • Notify your child's Child Life Specialist if you and your child are interested in a School Liaison visit.
  • Visit the Just for Teachers and Just for School Nurses links to share with your child's teacher and nurse.